This is an occasion. Let’s toast it! (The cover of Life Magazine!)

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They say the meek shall inherit… and I’m hep to the jive!

So, yes, Terry, I did have to go ahead and blog this 😉 (it’s one of the damn coolest birthday cards I’ve gotten… thanks!)

[e-card below, via Plaxo’s neato ecard offerings]

(alas, this link no longer works, sorry!)

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  • Patricia M?ller May 12, 2007 Link Reply

    Happy Birthday, Adam. 😀

  • Adam May 20, 2007 Link Reply

    Hey, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! 😀

  • James Feb 19, 2008 Link Reply

    Nice way for birth day wish.
    Silent soul of heart wishes the happy b’day.

  • Trade Mar 13, 2008 Link Reply

    that was a pretty funny photoshop pic…lol good stuff adam…more of these would make a good series…but it has to be the same pic

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