This is likely my last post

…using MovableType. It may be a week or so until you see my new ExpressionEngine-powered site, because tweaking is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated (more due to my fussiness than any EE problems).

In the meantime, this gives you (yes, YOU!) a great chance to offer me feedback.

– What have you enjoyed on this blog?
– Are there various options (navigation links, etc.) that you like? Others that are a waste of space or annoying or confusing?
– Are there certain features that you’d like to see? (a full text Atom/RSS feed option is in the works, for instance ;-))

As I work hard to implement new blog templates and features and so on, I would love to hear from you! Please take just a moment to drop me a note at adam at the domain, or via my contact page (which includes my IM addresses, and so on).

Thanks so much, and have a great weekend 🙂






What do you think?