Vanessa Fox (nude!) urges me to expose my…

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No ands, ifs, or butts—this titilating title and content isn’t just a naked attempt to get a leg up on my subscriber numbers.

I normally keep this sort of thing close to my chest, but when Vanessa Fox invited me to bare all my reasons for blogging, I felt bound to oblige.

Ironically, just the day before, I was asking myself the very same thing (no, not why didn’t I pick a more sexy blog name… okay, that too!… but primarily, why DO I blog?). Seriously.

And what I came up with at that time was this very-honest list:
1. I don’t know.
2. I don’t know.
3. I don’t know.
4. I don’t know.
5. Honestly, I don’t really know.

That, of course, may go a long way towards explaining why I seem to average about a whopping post or two a month nowadays :-(.

But, to avoid disappointing Vanessa and all 42 of you others who read my blog, I did some more soul searching and came up with a decidedly more interesting list of reasons why I blog, or at least why I think I do.

I determined that I’ve had decidedly different motivations to blog before and after working for Google. And — in contrast with some of the others participating in this meme — apologies in advance for the more-serious / comparatively-boring nature of my answers.

Key reasons why I blogged before becoming a Googler

  1. While working on my own and quite often working from home, blogging was an additional way of “connecting with the world,” and especially with like-minded geeks.
  2. On a related note, since I was spending very long hours in front of the computer doing client work, it was also a convenient way of blowing off steam.
  3. I’ve been passionate about Google for ages, and figured by being a loudmouth about my Google wishes and gripes and such, I might effect positive change :-D.
  4. As a contractor/consultant/online-communications-mercenary, I viewed my blog as a bit of a showcase. In particular, I felt it was important to demonstrate that I had a basic understanding of online communications, possessed information and also opinions (hopefully even interesting ones!) on a variety of geeky and non-geeky topics, and was, frankly, someone that’d not be too terribly boring to work with. Along those lines, I also viewed it as a bit of a filter; anyone who’d turn up their nose at my online-evident eccentricities was likely someone I wouldn’t want to work with anyway :-D.

Reasons why I still blog

Well, I’m certainly not looking for any consulting gigs nowadays, and when I have Google ideas or gripes or questions, I just walk down the hall or bug a colleague by e-mail or IM. Still, though, I continue to blog (and enjoy doing so) for other reasons…

  1. It entertains and amuses my friends and I guess others as well. I have good friends all over the world, and they’ve told me that even my lame entries make them smile.
  2. I enjoy spotlighting geeky hobbies and passions that others might not know much about and might enjoy getting to know (e.g., Lindy Hop) :-D.
  3. I’ve greatly appreciated what I’ve learned from others on the net and feel that it’s karmic’ly right to share a bit in return (tips, reviews of products and services, and so on)
  4. I kinda feel obligated to blog. That doesn’t mean I don’t find it fun and rewarding, but there’s also the negative motivation of sorts: I’ve built up a brand, however insignificant and badly named, and invested a crapload of time into not only the content but the infrastructure/design/etc. behind this blog as well (don’t laugh! just implementing that stupid menu above took forever, not to mention the re-templating + importing after switching from MT to EE. Abandon all that work?!!!!!!!)
  5. I’m inspired by many other bloggers, seeing how much they inform and inspire. The generalist nature of my blog means I’m unlikely to ever become a major blogebrity and I’m rather content with that, but I know that even non-A-level-bloggers wield a power to do good through their writing, however cliched that may sound.

* * *

On that note, I’d like to tap five fine female friends of mine to give their top five reasons that they blog (or thwap me with a wet e-noodle for forgetting that they have already disclosed such info on their blog):
Erica (“Erica’s Joys”)
Jen (“Nonsense Verse”)
Meg (“Little Meg Goes to Grad School” — where I even have a thankfully anonymous guest mention :-P)
Susan (“Let’s Eat”)
Thu (“Of cats and code and random stuff” — and birthday girl this weekend!)

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  • John Apr 7, 2007 Link Reply

    What’s wrong with the blog name?
    – reader #43

  • Lacey Apr 7, 2007 Link Reply

    To be honest, it doesn’t matter why you blog, you’re good at it and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t hurt that you’re a Googler with a lot of insight and knowledge to throw our way as well.

    Keep it up, it’s always enjoyable.

  • Mitzi the cat Apr 7, 2007 Link Reply

    Are you just trying to get Meg back for her latest blog entry?

  • Adam Apr 7, 2007 Link Reply

    Heh… hey, John.  Well, I’ve endured numerous jabs that my blog name sounds like “bladder,” so some clearly perceive it as a piss-poor choice.  I dreamed up the name as a combo of Blog and Adam or Blatherings and Adam.  All the Adam.whatever domains, alas, were already taken :|.

    Lacey, thank you for the kind words, especially given that I haven’t (yet) actually written anything about Google since I joined.  😀

    And lastly, Mitzi… yes.  But in an ironic sense, I suppose, since she’ll be getting more traffic now 😉

  • dockarl Apr 7, 2007 Link Reply

    Hi Adam!

    Did you see John Honeck’s ‘Adam Lasnik’ photo album here?

    Have a great Easter mate.. and by the way – that is a really cryptic captcha you have here..

      # Reader Number 44


  • Amyobus Nov 28, 2007 Link Reply

    What’s really curious, is not your blog itself, but it’s visitors, and it’s probably all due to the title. I got here accidentally through a the route of laughter therapy, believe it or not. I already feel better.

  • Al May 11, 2008 Link Reply

    Title of the blog is great. And title of this post is alluring. There is skill to learn. BR.

  • apple Aug 13, 2008 Link Reply

    I don?t believe your comment policy had anything to do with the comment traffic, depending upon where you put it. The addition of a here to your comments policy within the comments area has no impact. Spelling out your comments policy with a lot of confrontational language within the comment form area can.

  • Adam Nov 7, 2008 Link Reply

    Thanks, Mike!  Glad you’ve been enjoying the blog, and I’ve been very happy to see all your comments 😀

  • hda Nov 14, 2008 Link Reply

    love ur thinking!

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