What could be more romantic?

So, my friends, Valentine’s Day is coming up!

This, of course, means wearing lots of black, drinking like a fish, and feeling either decidedly miserable or simply superior or both.

And that’s just the day before Valentine’s!

In the meantime, I’m chivalrously helping my friend Phil come up with gift ideas for his new (and — eeek! — oft-talked-about) sweetie.

Being a geek (me, not Phil), I’ve decided that the most irresistable present he could possibly buy would be a domain name.

Granted, this is not an original idea, but hey, it’s 11:30am and I’ve had
Anyway, I’ve thought up a couple of names so far, which are amazingly still free and available to register!

and, better yet…

“But wouldn’t it be sweeter to have her name in it?” a puzzled Phil asked.

“Geez, dude, what are you thinking?” I responded. “I mean, it’s like tattoos. Wouldn’t you rather have some wiggle room?”







What do you think?