What I’ve been up to

As many friends have reminded me, I haven’t blogged for a while.

Here’s a refresher on what I wrote a while back about why I blog.

And here are a few reasons why I haven’t been blogging for a while:

  • Scrubbing
    I had to prepare my apartment for a parental visit. ‘nuff said.
  • Traveling
    I visited Seattle, Ottawa, and Toronto… which involved preparing presentations, doing my first-ever TV interview, filing expense reports, escalating/acting upon tons of awesome webmaster feedback, recovering from staying in a tiny room above a Mexican restaurant (which cost nearly $150 a night!), helping a friend break up, and beforehand personally booking plane rides, train rides, hotel rooms, and more.  Trips are a lot of work, especially those that combine business and pleasure.
  • Recovering
    I spent time recovering from having many bits of glass fly into my head.  This was associated with an accident involving me, my parents, my new car, and a very, very stupid and/or suicidal skateboarder who ignored a stop sign at a busy intersection and collided at high velocity with my slowly-moving vehicle.  While my parents and I are thankfully all healed up, I’m still dealing with financial and legal ramifications… and my car is still in the shop.  Upside:  I’ve been getting lots more exercise from walking and jogging and have lost two pounds of fat :-D.
  • Practicing and performing
    I recently performed on stage at the huge Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.  What a scary and exhilarating experience!!!  I hope to have a recording that I can post here in the near future.
  • And yet more travel-planning
    I’m planning trips in the remainder of this year to Dublin, Seville, Louisville, Los Angeles, Chicago or Las Vegas, Viernheim, Mannheim, and Caracas.  I’m excited but stressed about this, as you can imagine.
  • Working
    I’m heading up two major events at Google, taking on new responsibilities, attending Search Engine Strategies San Jose in August, and much more.
  • Apartment searching
    Though this has been temporarily put on hold while I’m carless, I have been scouting out a new place to call my own closer to the Googleplex to eliminate the generally-comfy-but-time-consuming daily commute from San Francisco to Mountain View.
  • Facebooking
    Facebook has both taken time away from my blogging and has dried up much of my drive to blog.  With Facebook, I’ve been able to share what’s going on in my life with friends, highlight interesting articles, ask questions and get answers, show off music and photos, and learn what’s going on in my communities, in my friends’ lives, and so on.  Still, though, Facebook isn’t (yet) a complete replacement for self-hosted blogging as I see it, so don’t count on me shuttering BLADAM just yet :-D.

    *  *  *

    I always have tons of stuff I want to share… continually have blog drafts bouncing around in my noggin.  But now you understand why those have remained mental drafts for the last months.

    So… no promises that I’ll blog more often—sorry.  But be assured that I’m not just belching in front of the T.V. 😀


  1. Ouch!  Glass in Head isn’t a good thing.  Glad you and your parents are ok.
    Good luck with the legal mumbo-jumbo.  I’m betting the skateboarder wasn’t insured. 😉

  2. Nice to see you back Adam. Ive been away too.

    Only 2 days in Wales. But we cant all be jet setting superstars can we. 😀

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment. I hope you and your car are both recovering comfortably! Congrads on your Google position and good luck with your various endeavors.

  4. Well Adam nice to hear you’re back. Oh man what a busy life you have. Well the day probably doesn’t have too many hours for you hea?

  5. All these trips to scenic destinations and no postcards for Meg’s collection? 😀

    Sorry she missed you while she was in San Jo.  Poor Frankie.

  6. Luckily, glass is no longer in my head.  Small scar, nothing major.

    At Shoreline, I was performing a piano medley called “Anyone Can Cook a Dinosaur (in 4 minutes).”  Still waiting on an audio copy, but hopefully I’ll get it soon 🙂

    Facebook plugins… gah… too many!  I’m especially enjoying the Scrabulous one, along with various Flickr and Picasa apps.  I’m rather unfond of the boringly viral ones that do nothing (e.g., vampires, pirates, etc.)

    Marlene… sorry to hear about your sweating time!  But yeah, ask me in advance next time and—for instance—I’ll urge you not to visit Alaska in the winter 😛 (some of my colleagues did try to get me to go to a conference in Moscow in November, though!)

    Laurie and others… thank you for the good wishes!

    Lydnseo—still deciding between Vegas and Chicago, but I’ll figure it out soon!

    And Mitzi… yes, I really do need to remember to get postcards for your owner soon.  I actually did pick up some postcards for her on a previous trip but didn’t quite get around to mailing them.  Oops!

  7. Adam that’s terrible to hear that you had a run in with a skate border! Glad you are ok, not so glad it’s caused you other angst.

    On the good side, though, you’re heading over to one of my favorite cities – sweet Sevillia. Be sure to try the local brew – nope, I don’t mean sangria (although that’s good too) I mean a beer called Cruz Campo (from memory) – it’s quite a nice drop.

    Seville is a beaut place – I’m sure you’ll love it. I first went there way back in 92 – there was a world expo there.



  8. Hmm… hadn’t heard of it.  But frankly, I’ve found Twitter to be of questionable use (at least for me), so I haven’t really explored much about it. 

    What are YOUR thoughts about that plugin? 😀

  9. Still mostly hiding.  Or at least not blogging nowadays.  Likelihood of starting up blogging again: 83%.  Likelihood of blogging before the end of the month: 42%.

  10. Hi Adam, sorry I have not replied to you in a long time, because I have been busy, same like you!

    I hope you are feeling better after the accident, things heal with time.

    I’ve just come back from traveling in China, Laos, Thailand, and Israel.

    I miss you so much that I even made a page for you on my Website. Adam Lasnik

    Love, Hugs, and Kisses your friend
    Igor The Troll

  11. Do come back and post sooner rather then later. While the blogosphere wont miss a beat, I rather enjoy the truthful nature of your posts and find myself reading old archives to fill that void.


  12. Hey Adam,

    you were in Toronto? I like Toronto so much. Have you ever been on the CN Tower? What a great view…

    By the way…hope you had a merry xmas and I wish you a happy new year!

    so far…Marko

  13. Adam come to Europe. I am going skying this winter to Austria, maybe we can run the slopes..:-)

    I can’t remember the place, but you know the one Dia went to. I have to ask my assistant she is the one making reservations and stuff.

    I am too busy Trolling Google and having a good time about it.

    Have a great New Years, and pop that Dom P?rignon. Last time I did a night out at New Years it was in Florence, Italy dude not California..:-)

    But going Europe from Japan is a PITA, cannot smoke on planes you know, and I have a nasty smoking habit.


  14. Hi there,

    No, I am in Northern California, not Toronto.

    And Mike, I deleted one of the seemingly spammy comments, but the others seem innocuous to me.  If you have info to suggest otherwise, feel free to drop me a note, and thanks for your concern 🙂

    To everyone else… still contemplating what to write next.  No lack of stuff to talk about, just prioritizations on what to write and when to write :-).

  15. Oh Man, what wild stories, hehe 🙂 The one with the skateboarder really scares the hell out of me – hope you are better now, i just had a snowboard accident…

  16. I am also a fellow facebooker, and while i agree with you that facebooking is fun, it lacks the absoloute control of a blog.

    In some ways this is good, otherwise peoples pages would end up looking like mypoo *erhm* myspace i mean.

  17. Found you searching for “facebooking” 🙂 I am also a highly addicted facebooker – there is no better web2.0 platform than FB – its like a drug!

    Greetings from berlin and i hope your skateboard accident has turned out well.

  18. I enjoy facebook, too. Now they start here at germany… will be interesting to see if they can compete mit StudiVZ and other big german communities!

  19. Yes, but not a very good one!  Much to write, little time to do so.  I haven’t given up hope yet, so I think you can expect to see more BLADAM stuff in the future.  Just not sure when.

  20. Found you searching for ?facebooking? 😀 I am also a highly addicted facebooker – there is no better web2.0 platform than FB – its like a drug!

    Greetings from berlin and i hope your skateboard accident has turned out well.

  21. Hey thanks, Ink.  Though my wallet is $6,000 sadder, my passengers and I are in one piece (er, individually in one piece, that is), so I guess things could be worse.  Thanks for the well-wishes, and thanks also for dropping by my blog.

  22. Found you searching for ?facebooking? smile I am also a highly addicted facebooker – there is no better web2.0 platform than FB – its like a drug!

  23. @ Berliner … the best things in facebook are the external widgets like games and more… i hope for the EM2008 in Austria, it give some cool FB Specials… we will see 🙂

  24. You’re a very busy man Adam. Hope you’ll find more time for blogging. You’ve got many interesting things to share with us.

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