Yet another reason why I’m disgusted with our legal system

So the cops in Louisiana that beat that defenseless guy bloody are pleading not guilty, despite all the video evidence.

This just makes me sick. I can totally understand issues regarding extenuating circumstances (insane overwork, high stress, etc.)… all of which might reasonably serve to mitigate punishments.

But to actually claim, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that you’re not guilty? For crying out loud, I want to live in a society in which people freely offer the following:

“Yep, I’m guilty. I did what I’m charged with doing.” plus one or more of the following:
– “And I’d like to sincerely offer apologies to the following people…”
– “And here’s why I respectfully ask for leniency.”
– “And here’s what I plan on doing to insure this never happens again.”
– “And here is how I propose to compensate my victim(s) / society…”

I suppose there are many societal issues that contribute to this lack of responsibility-taking / lack of forthrightedness.

1) Our legal system’s horrid bias against any person or entity that simply says “I’m sorry.”
2) Insanely out-of-whack punishments (e.g., admit to smoking an ounce of marijuana, go to jail, especially if you’re black).

I wonder if the legal systems in countries outside of America lend themselves to less-frequent asinine “not-quilty” pleas or more frequent apologies from offenders. Anyone know?

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2 responses to “Yet another reason why I’m disgusted with our legal system”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    Oh, and it gets worse.  Often when a city is a fault due to a dangerous condition (for instance: no stop sign where there really should be one) the city will not fix the problem if they are sued over the issue.  If they fix it while the case is in progress it would show that there really was a dangerous condition and they would loose the court case costing them tons of money.  The layers typically have them wait until the case is closed to address the issue.

  2. Richard Avatar

    Some European countries do not have quilty pleas. You simply have a court case whenever you are charged. You can confess in your testimony. This is good, because prosecutors cannot put you free, so that you can testify against other suspects. What a nonsense! You committed a crime, you should be punished, period.  In fact, police is required to investigate to find out the truth. There were cases when people confessed, but police found out that they are not quilty.

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