Adam Lasnik

Hi, I’m Adam…

…and this site is a mixture of a blog, a repository of music I’ve written and/or performed, and an unabashedly geeky set of lists and random tidbits.

It’s also a site in limbo.  So much to overhaul, but perfect is the enemy of the good, so I’m just going to share two things with you for now:

  1. A quick list of things that I’m passionate about   and 
  2. Links to some posts I made a while back that you may find interesting and/or funny :).  

Stuff I’m passionate about

  • MUSIC:  I started studying piano at age four, and have since dabbled in playing classical and jazz music, composing and arranging random tidbits, singing, and more.  For many years I’ve also been passionate about music online, serving as the Community Architect for Virgin Digital’s (sadly defunct) music service, a volunteer Community Leader for (the legal) Napster, and a beta tester / plain ol’ sampler of literally dozens of other music services living and dead.
  • TECH:  I’m a total geek; I enjoy playing with online and offline tech tools & gadgets and the like!
  • MY WORK:  I tackle projects at Google that aim to improve healthcare.
  • FOOD:  I have sometimes traveled just for food. But unfortunately I’m a lazy cook, so during COVID I’ve been largely depending upon a variety of awesome food-services to keep me happy and healthy foodwise.
  • WELL-BEING & FITNESS:  I especially love fitness classes (Zumba, Body Pump, yoga) but — in these times of COVID (with no in-person fitness classes), I’ve been doing my best to keep fit with my Peloton bike and Oculus Quest 2 headset.
  • TRAVEL:  I’ve visited 31 countries around the world and have met incredibly inspiring and entertaining people along the way.  And so many places yet to see!  One day I’ll actually organize my photos and get some albums shared online! :). And speaking of photos…
  • PHOTOGRAPHY:  I love capturing street scenes and scenic vistas alike when I’m traveling, and I’ve typically used a pocketable camera or even my cell phone to be less obtrusive and tourist-like.
  • DANCE: I’m especially enamored by lindy hop, the oldest and (in my humble opinion) clearly the most fun type of swing dancing.  I began lindy hopping in 2001 (!), and though I’m nowhere near as skilled as I should be after all these years, I’ve had amazing experiences dancing with wonderful people all around the world, from Korea to Sweden (oddly the two biggest meccas of lindy hopping by far) and beyond.

WARNING: Note the date listed on the top of each post, so you don’t get mental whiplash 😮

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