Food services for picky people

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Here are prepared food and food delivery services I’ve tried and recommend!

Important notes:

  • I believe these are not available outside the U.S., and even within the U.S. may not be available everywhere.
  • I think my referral links will usually get you the best deal, but definitely compare against, say, a Google Search.
  • And speaking of referral links: I get ‘store credit’ when you sign up with my link for some of the places below 🙂
  • I’m doing my best to keep this page updated, but promos may change frequently, so always doublecheck that you’re getting the promo you think you’re getting!

My favorites!

🍲 CookUnity: Prepared, gourmet meals you just pop in the regular oven or toaster oven (including, yes, the Tovala oven!). Literally 30 second prep, then 10-20 minutes in the oven, done!
Here’s a sampling of meals offered in just one week! Gluten-free lamb meatballs. Braised pork. Chicken parmesan. Catfish. And plenty of veg options!
$50 off your first order

  • Super-delicious and incredibly convenient.
  • On top of that, every meal comes with very clear nutrition & ingredient info; I was impressed! 🙂

🍳 HomeChef: Great taste & variety…. featuring often-Tovala-friendly meals with your choice of low/no prep, “15-minute prep”, or more elaborate actually-cooking options.
Here’s a sampling of meals offered in just one week! Steak tacos, BBQ chicken. Marinara turkey. Ahi tuna. Shrimp. Tiramisu. And tons more!
$35 off your first order

  • Lots of very tasty comfort food (including veg, fish, meat!), but also high-end offerings like shrimp, even filet mignon! 😮
  • Ingredients, nutrition info, and prep info are very clearly shown for every meal on their site.
  • Very flexible delivery options… both in terms of meals, and also being able to easily pause your subscription will still requesting one-off deliveries. Great for someone who just wants occasional deliveries with no hassles!

Pick and choose individual items from an awesome set of curated restaurants! Delivered refrigerated, with super-easy pop-in-microwave prep!
$10 off your first order

  • Get a naan from here, an onigiri from there, mix and match heaven!
  • I learned firsthand that they charge restaurants substantially less than other restaurant delivery services, which makes me even happier to support them 🙂

🧑‍🍳 Shef: Home-cooked meals, delivered!
$20 off your first order

  • Wonderfully diverse choices! Cuisines from Egypt, Mexico, China, and more!
  • Very authentic flavors, spices, ingredients 🙂

🍕 Slice: A more humane sort of pizza delivery!

  • They don’t charge restaurants an arm and a leg!
  • They do have occasional modest specials for eaters 🙂

🥟 Wee: A hugely stocked Asian grocery store that delivers fresh and prepared foods!
$15 off $35 on your first order

  • Dimsum! Veggies! Every kind of seafood! Even frozen boba (just pop in microwave, add milk!)

Other ones that are also useful

🥘 Tovala: Scan a card, stick tray’d food in oven, it actually comes out tasty!
$150 off the combo of their neato hybrid oven + 6 week meal subscription 😮

🚪 Doordash: Restaurant food, delivered.
$30 credit! ($10 off your first 3 orders)

🥡 Grubhub: Yet more restaurant food, delivered. Frequent specials.
$10 off your first order

🍔 UberEats: What do you know… even more restaurant food, delivered. Gotta take advantage of all the promos 😀
Use code XX95 for $20 off $25 with your first order

🛒 Instacart: Groceries delivered, including from Costco & Walmart. And alcohol, too! 🙂
$10 off your first order

And zomg don’t bother! 😮

🤮 Freshly: Tastes worse than even discount off-brand frozen dinners, and yes, that’s a pretty impressive feat. I’m not even gonna link to them :o.

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