Food services for picky people

Header photo of salmon dish
Salmon and rice with edamame and crispy noodles by Tovala

Here are prepared food and food delivery services I’ve tried and recommend!

Important notes:

  • I believe these are not available outside the U.S., and even within the U.S. may not be available everywhere.
  • I think my referral links will usually get you the best deal, but definitely compare against, say, a Google Search.
  • And speaking of referral links: I get ‘store credit’ when you sign up with my link for some of the places below 🙂
  • I’m doing my best to keep this page updated, but promos may change frequently, so always doublecheck that you’re getting the promo you think you’re getting!

My favorites!

🍲 CookUnity: Prepared, gourmet meals you just pop in the regular oven or toaster oven (including, yes, the Tovala oven!). Literally 30 second prep, then 10-20 minutes in the oven, done!
Here’s a sampling of meals offered in just one week! Gluten-free lamb meatballs. Braised pork. Chicken parmesan. Catfish. And plenty of veg options!
$50 off your first order

  • Super-delicious and incredibly convenient.
  • On top of that, every meal comes with very clear nutrition & ingredient info; I was impressed! 🙂

🍳 HomeChef: Great taste & variety…. featuring often-Tovala-friendly meals with your choice of low/no prep, “15-minute prep”, or more elaborate actually-cooking options.
Here’s a sampling of meals offered in just one week! Steak tacos, BBQ chicken. Marinara turkey. Ahi tuna. Shrimp. Tiramisu. And tons more!
$35 off your first order

  • Lots of very tasty comfort food (including veg, fish, meat!), but also high-end offerings like shrimp, even filet mignon! 😮
  • Ingredients, nutrition info, and prep info are very clearly shown for every meal on their site.
  • Very flexible delivery options… both in terms of meals, and also being able to easily pause your subscription will still requesting one-off deliveries. Great for someone who just wants occasional deliveries with no hassles!

Pick and choose individual items from an awesome set of curated restaurants! Delivered refrigerated, with super-easy pop-in-microwave prep!
$10 off your first order

  • Get a naan from here, an onigiri from there, mix and match heaven!
  • I learned firsthand that they charge restaurants substantially less than other restaurant delivery services, which makes me even happier to support them 🙂

🧑‍🍳 Shef: Home-cooked meals, delivered!
$20 off your first order

  • Wonderfully diverse choices! Cuisines from Egypt, Mexico, China, and more!
  • Very authentic flavors, spices, ingredients 🙂

🍕 Slice: A more humane sort of pizza delivery!

  • They don’t charge restaurants an arm and a leg!
  • They do have occasional modest specials for eaters 🙂

🥟 Wee: A hugely stocked Asian grocery store that delivers fresh and prepared foods!
$15 off $35 on your first order

  • Dimsum! Veggies! Every kind of seafood! Even frozen boba (just pop in microwave, add milk!)

Other ones that are also useful

🥘 Tovala: Scan a card, stick tray’d food in oven, it actually comes out tasty!
$150 off the combo of their neato hybrid oven + 6 week meal subscription 😮

🚪 Doordash: Restaurant food, delivered.
$30 credit! ($10 off your first 3 orders)

🥡 Grubhub: Yet more restaurant food, delivered. Frequent specials.
$10 off your first order

🍔 UberEats: What do you know… even more restaurant food, delivered. Gotta take advantage of all the promos 😀
Use code XX95 for $20 off $25 with your first order

🛒 Instacart: Groceries delivered, including from Costco & Walmart. And alcohol, too! 🙂
$10 off your first order

And zomg don’t bother! 😮

🤮 Freshly: Tastes worse than even discount off-brand frozen dinners, and yes, that’s a pretty impressive feat. I’m not even gonna link to them :o.

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