How to send money to Adam

This page is intended primarily as a way for friends to pay me back for stuff, but hey, if you’re a random stranger who feels like sending me cash, who am I to complain? :p

My address is Adam [at] the domain on all of these services.

Square Cash – Get $5 free with my referral code below! 🙂

  • New to Square Cash?  Get $5 in under 5 minutes.
    • Download the mobile app.  When prompted upon first use, enter code GSCKBHP.  Square should send you $5 after your first transaction of any amount.
  • Already a member of Square Cash?  Don’t want the mobile app?  Send me cash via$adamlasnik.

Google Wallet

Note that while I work at Google, I don’t have anything to do with Wallet.

  • Draft an email in Gmail and click on the $ sign at the bottom.

Facebook (for current FB friends only)

  • In Messenger, compose a message to me, then click on the $ sign.  You’ll be prompted to add a debit card, and the whole signup thing is super-quick.



(least desired, since I somehow still get charged a fee for receiving money from friends on PayPal <sigh>)