I’m passionate about photography… less in the “let me spend hours on Photoshop” way (though there’s nothing wrong with that), and more in the “let me share with you some beautiful, amazing, entertaining things!” way.

So rather than lead with my gear, I’ll instead share where you can find my photography.

  • Google+:  Most of it is on Google+, and so I made a shortlink:  I like the speed and the clever simple-yet-fun innovations the Photos team has been making, though I’m dying for more robust organizational options.
    Er, now with Google+ Photos gone and Google Photos being by default a private shoebox, I’m not quite sure where to host my photos :\.  I’ll try to at least add some links to public Facebook albums or public Google Photos albums here soon and/or find helpful WordPress plugin to embed some stuff on my site.
  • Google Maps:  I’ve enjoyed contributing many photos and photo spheres to Maps over the years, and I’m especially delighted with the quality of imagery that comes out of my Nexus 6P!

I used to use Flickr extensively, and am delighted to see that service getting a lot of its mojo back; I admire a lot of their approach to organizing and sharing photography!  Especially now that they offer a terabyte (!) of free storage, I think Flickr is a fine, respectable choice for photographers.  I also enjoyed a nice time with Fotki, which was (and perhaps still is) one of the most customizable photo sites.  Lastly, I briefly tried out Smugmug, and — while it skews a bit ‘professional’ for photo-hobby’ist-ol’-me — I greatly admire the company and the clear respect they have for their users.  All the folks I’ve met at Smugmug online and in person are good people!

So what about my gear?

  • Ultracompact camera – Canon PowerShot S100:  I’ve been a Canon loyalist for many, many years, and this is by far the most powerful and impressive pocketable camera I’ve ever played with.  This camera has since been superseded by the Canon PowerShot S110 and — more recently — the Canon PowerShot S120, but I’m still happily holding on to my S100!
  • DSLR – Canon EOS 6D:  I used to work on photos-related products at Google and both my team and even my manager made fun of me for being DSLR-less, so I finally took the plunge in 2013 and bought my first-ever DSLR, the Canon EOS 6D.  I rather like it, especially for low-light and action photography… but admittedly I sometimes crave being able to stick a decent camera in my pocket, so I temporarily revert to my S100 ;).
  • On my visit to Florida (+ a cruise) in 2015, I decided to be crazy and only bring my Nexus 6P phone instead of any “real” camera.  While I did sometimes get a bit frustrated when trying to capture low-light shots or when wanting to zoom in, I was overall rather delighted with how the photos / panos / photo spheres came out!
  • And then some misc bags, Joby Gorillapods (haven’t actually tried my DSLR one yet!), some various odds and ends (SD card, brush, blah blah blah).  Oh, and Lightroom with the Nik plugins.


Okay, much more to write, but this will have to do for now :).


What do you think?