Adam as a petting "Sugar Mummy"?!

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After being bored with the ever-changing-but-still-pathetic Nigerian 409 e-mail scams, I was delighted to be the e-recipient of a Nigerian scam that — at least in its newness — is moderately entertaining. I include it below in its entirety for your edification.

I always look forward to this kind of day to come which I will able to meet someone older than I , and still have relationship with her. I love to be cherish bcos, ever

Since my mother refuse me since when I was 3yrs old , I feel denied of love of mother and that of a loving partner in live , so I always tell myself that if I grow up I am going to be having to much relationship with the older ones. Thank God I finally find someone like you who really want to care for younger one like me .

I will sherish this relationship just if you can just give me chance to get closer to you just like me getting closer to my own mother. I will be like a husband , child, lover, brother, I mean, everything to you bcos you are going to remain like someone so there to me. Now I am 34yrs , but still not know the woman who my mother is. Though I had a father but late now , I still need a woman who will serve a my mother, pls I lack motherly love ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I want you to be my sugar mummy, pet me , take care of me like your child.

My namer is: lawson

Occupation: computer engineer/ analyst

Country : nigeria

Region: western region

Language: english

Degree: bsc ( computer science)

e-mail address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

pls I will like you if you can contact me and let?s talk as mother to son

I will appreciate it so much.




UPDATE:  I have been getting so many comments from lonely Nigerians and those who want to prey on them that I’m disabling commenting on this post and removing all earlier comments.

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