AOL ‘rebranded’… ha ha! ho ho!

Via the awesome site GMSV, I learned that AOL is trying to change its image.

“The AOL brand was perceived as not sophisticated and not necessarily in tune with the times. We need people to realize we are not just the Internet on training wheels but a much more sophisticated, yet still friendly and easy, place to be.”

…commented AOL’s CEO, undoubtedly with a straight face. I’m glad I didn’t read that earlier this afternoon, or I would have lost my lunch, so to speak.

AOL… NOT the Internet on training wheels? Please… ho ho… ha ha! Oh my goodness.

But my favorite part of AOL’s announcement was that they’re changing their tagline:

Former tagline: So Easy to Use, No Wonder It’s #1.
New tagline: Welcome to the World Wide Wow.

Gee… THAT definitely sounds so much more professional 😀






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