On dancing and cybersex

I once had a Lindy Hop-related yahoo ID (note: NEVER put “swing-” or especially “swinger-” anything in IM or e-mail names!) and I got some, ahem, interesting messages. I remember one yahoo asking me if I wanted to “roll play.” I replied, “Sure! You be the Rye and I’ll be the Kaiser!” Flew right past… Continue reading On dancing and cybersex

Swing dance, go to jail

Water-swilling swing dancers… threat to a moral and orderly society. They Must Be Stopped! Or so goes the thinking of some pretty aggressive Salt Lake City law enforcement officials, as noticed by this (verified) forward: In Salt Lake City, during the 2003 Utah Lindy Exchange, the organizer Nate Landon was “Arrested” at 3 am for… Continue reading Swing dance, go to jail

Happy feet

This past Thursday was the beginning of my birthday weekend, or more specifically, the celebration time of my Bodaciously Binary Birthday (#100000). It began with a birthday jam for me (and other b-day boys and girls) at the 9:20 Special, a very popular weekly local swing dance event. In this fun photo — taken by… Continue reading Happy feet

Lindy Hop Heaven

Take a moment to destress and check out this contagiously happy and definitely talented jazz quintet: Peter Davis and Lindy Hop Heaven. One of my friends introduced me to this group and loaned me their CD, and I haven’t stopped smiling since. You can hear a few clips on their Web page, and I’ve also… Continue reading Lindy Hop Heaven

Dancing to hateful lyrics?

I was chatting with a former swing dancer yesterday, and I was a bit shocked when she explained one of the main reasons she quit dancing. “I couldn’t believe people were dancing to songs like ‘Violent Love’ and ‘Christopher Columbus’ without thinking!” she commented disdainfully. In a way, I could see her point. Especially in… Continue reading Dancing to hateful lyrics?

I have Al Gore disease, and I want to find a cure

On the piano, I can play a song such as Mary Had a Little Lamb:– in any key– at any tempo– in almost any style (waltz, tango, jazz, whatever)– combined with anything else– even blindfolded. I have been known to beautifully blitz through Chopin’s quite challenging Black Key Etude. I can play Mendelsohn and Muppets… Continue reading I have Al Gore disease, and I want to find a cure