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I’m honored and grateful to have many thousands of you each month reading my blog and participating on my related SmileZone Conversation Corner but I’m saddened that my writings haven’t stimulated as much discussion as I would have liked.

I don’t plan on changing my writing style or what I write about, but if there are certain factors (usability and otherwise) on my site that’d encourage you and others to participate here more, please do let me know… either via the comments feature of this blog, or via other means.


Edited to add:
There’s also that handy-dandy “Mail to friend” link which lets you send a link to any article to — yeah, you guessed it — a friend! 😀


  1. Well, this is my first trip here, and to be honest, when I first got here it was really busy and way to confusing to find my way around. Maybe some of the side links could be consolodated so it’s not quite so ‘busy’, and easier to understand the navigation of your site.

    Just my 2 cents..

  2. yes, I agree. This place is very busy to the eye. That usually doesen’t matter to me because I read most blogs through my aggregator.

  3. Hey there,

    I appreciate the honest feedback!  I’m in the process of still transitioning this blog away from my main SmileZone site, and in the end it should indeed be less cluttered :-).

    Thanks much for the comments!

  4. I did a search for “talk about sports” as I am looking for information on where Halifax Mooseheads players lived and the history about them and their culture. We have and have had hockey players from all over the world play with the local hockey team here in halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am researching anyone who has played in the past and the present for the Halifax Mooseheads hockey team. As I was web surfing, going from one topic to the next I came upon your website as I was researching “first blog”, as I thought about creating a blog on the Halifax Mooseheads hockey team. Anyways I found this website blog in the search engines because of your text “my first trip” and I thus read your whole blog to see if you had any information on how to operate a blog. Anyways I did find some of your information useful and I thank you.
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