Corporate America wins the i-DunceCap award

In the mid-’90s, as the New York media world woke up to the Net’s rise, I always assumed that reports of media leaders’ online virginity were highly exaggerated. I mean, how hard was it to install an AOL disk? But Motavalli’s account leaves it quite clear that, yes, many of these guys who were getting their companies on the Net really hadn’t ever used it themselves.

– from Scott Rosenberg’s well-written article entitled “The media titans still don’t get it

Scott intelligently (and often wittily) examines two books on the crash of the era which approach the flameout from dramatically different angles. While his conclusion of where the power of the Net lies isn’t shocking (“It’s the users, stupid”) his highlighting of the overall triumph of consumer-over-clueless-Corporate-America is both reassuring and interesting.






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