Form and function interwined

Handwritten and poorly formatted sign inviting applications for a dance instructor position
Why do so many people and organizations fail to realize that what they write is dramatically colored by how it’s communicated?

Given the power and mass-affordability of communications tools, I’m amazed at the cluelessness of folks who churn out badly formatted or downright illegible materials.

In the example to the right, I understand that an unprofessional-looking sign is likely not going to deter talented dance teachers from applying. I can’t imagine that this sort of lazily-scribbled sign would impress too many prospective students or their paying parents, however.






2 responses to “Form and function interwined”

  1. Bobby Avatar

    I saw this gas station sign one time – It was a Shell gas station – the letter ‘S’ had fallen off of their sign.  Who wants to go to ‘hell’ for gas?  Uh oh – loaded question.

  2. CrazyKate Avatar

    And even if you are going to have a handwritten sign instead of a nicely formatted sign, at least get the writing correct!  It’s not as if “INSTRUCTOR” couldn’t have been put below “DANCE” all by itself instead of hyphenating in the wrong spot…

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