If someone isn’t in Google, do they exist?

Perhaps I’m just used to having my name splattered all over the net. But it seems equally freaky when I come across someone that isn’t anywhere on the Web.

I recently saw a fine performance and was very impressed by this one couple who sang a fabulous duet so I decided to Google ’em when I got home. Searches for each singer yielded exactly zero hits.

Maybe they were both listed in the program under stage names, as my opera-singing roommate often is? But even my roommate appears online in articles about her church, past performances and so on.

Perhaps I really *AM* living in a bubble here in Northern California, but I just find it unfathomable that someone has no record in the vast Interweb. To quote the great philosopher Keanu: Whoa!

P.S. — My friend Poh Bee Ling commented that she’s sadly not anywhere on the ‘net either. Heh ;D






One response to “If someone isn’t in Google, do they exist?”

  1. ToBeeOrNotToBee Avatar

    In the world of Bees
    Existence in googleland
    Is an option too


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