If you’re going to contact me…

I love you (you, you, NOT you!), but I don’t always love how you try to contact me.

I have a few respectful requests:

  • Use my contact page, please.  It’s super-easy to find (top page in Google for “Contact Adam Lasnik”), and I even list my e-mail address on there.  Every time you instead try to get my attention via Twitter or Facebook message or LinkedIn or Flickr, Goddess kills a doggy [hint: that’s bad.]
  • Please use a descriptive subject line.  This precludes “HELP!” or “Hi!” or “Great Pharmacy!!1”
  • Don’t unsolicitedly send me a detailed business plan.  Seriously, this one really pains me to write, but when I receive a heartfelt and amazingly-detailed-with-multiple-attachment business idea for an existing Google product, my cover-my-posterior-reaction is to delete the note without reading it.  Google already gets sued a ridiculous number of times a week, and I don’t want Google (or me!) to be sued for “stealing someone’s idea without credit.” 🙁  On the other hand, bug reports, a clever feature request or observation… if you can’t find a way to share this info with the appropriate Google team (e.g., via an official forum or form), feel free to fill me in and I’ll do the best I can to get it seen by the right people :-D.

    and, on a related note…

  • Please forgive me.  I’m still behind on my personal e-mail (about 380 messages in my inbox, down from last year’s high of nearly 5,000), so it can take me a while to reply.







2 responses to “If you’re going to contact me…”

  1. Jillian Avatar

    Hi Adam. Happy New Year and I guess you have been traveling or super busy because I miss your blog posts. 🙁

    I think it is good that you posted this about contacting you. I’m sorry some people are trying to take advantage of access to you for work related stuff. You are right to delete it.

    So besides all that, what have you been up to? I’ve been keeping a low profile and working on some consulting projects.


  2. Adam Avatar

    Jillian, yes, I’ve been really bad about maintaining this blog!  I was working in Australia for a couple of weeks and then busy with friends and various stuff over the holiday time (including, ack, upgrading this blog software to v2.0, which didn’t end up offering anything visibly new and exciting)

    And also, I’ve been sorely remiss by not previously noting how much I’ve appreciated and enjoyed your many thoughtful comments in my blog!  Very happy to have you here! 😀

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