I’m leaving… on a jet plane!

Dear friends,

I decided (really) last minute to take a trip to Asia and Australia.  I leave tomorrow (Tuesday) and am still not even close to being ready.  If you sent me e-mail and I haven’t replied for a while, well, I’m a jerk and I’m sorry… and sadly, I won’t write you for at least a month longer.  Wireless connectivity is not so hot around the Great Barrier Reef, and my laptop is not waterproof.

Hope you still love me.

Dear bloggy acquaintances,

Sorry to bore you with such a lame entry.  But that’s better than NO entries, which is what you’ll likely be experiencing with BLADAM for the next month or so.  Sorry.  Hope you will still love me love my blog.  I should have some fun stories and pictures to share in March 😀


What do you think?

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