Manpower could use some brainpower

Links to the Web Site without the express written permission of
Manpower are strictly prohibited.

– One of the goofiest terms stated on Manpower’s Web site

Hi, I’m a model, but don’t look at me!

Hi, I’m a movie, but don’t review me!

Hi, I’m a Web site that links to other sites, but don’t link to me!

Idiocy.  So, of course, I’m doing what is screaming out to be done.  I’m linking to Manpower’s Web site (with a twist hello of my own… see link) without their written permission!  Eegads, the lawlessness of it all.

If you’re looking for other clueless companies, run, don’t walk to the “Don’t Link to us!” blog, where I found out about Manpower’s stupidity.

Oh, and just for a good measure, I’m writing to the Webmaster of Manpower, inviting them to sue me.  I could use the free publicity 🙂

UPDATE: My e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) bounced.  Is this pathetic or what?  I’m off to their Web site to find an actual working e-mail address or at least a form where I can write and tweak ’em.  Wish me luck!

UPDATE #2: I sent an e-mail to one of their corporate mucky-mucks (and got a read-receipt!), and as of August 11, 2002, have heard nothing back. Hmm. Maybe the lawyer’s letter hasn’t yet arrived in my snailmail box?

What do you think?

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