MT+ Microsoft = … MT?!

Wow… this is pretty surprising news. I just learned that MovableType — which powers this blog and likely millions of others — is in final talks with Microsoft!

Without a hardcore blogging tool to call its own, Microsoft made its usual decision to buy rather than build, giving it near-instant access to the latest craze — blogging. This positions Microsoft squarely against Google (with Blogger) and AOL (with AOL Journals), and will allow it to more efficiently glean and index content for its new search engine.

As a side benefit, Microsoft will be able to keep the same abbreviation — “MT” — though will understandably rebrand the tool “MicrosoftType” by its expected launch date in mid-to-late-July.

Though no press release has been made at this point (at least that I’m aware of!), I have heard this first hand from two of my Microsoft employee friends, and I expect more news to be leaked, er, made public within the next 24 hours 🙂

Remember, you read it here first on BLADAM!

NOTE: The note above was posted on April Fools Day! For the humor-impaired, this means it was meant in a spirit of goofy fun… and specifically, MovableType is not, in any way, being bought out by Microsoft!






8 responses to “MT+ Microsoft = … MT?!”

  1. Blinger Avatar

    this is an april fools joke, right?

  2. Adam Avatar

    Well, decide for yourself, frankly, but I will note that apparently I’m not the only one impressed by the news; apparently the MovableType site ( has gotten so many hits tonight that their server has cracked under the load, as evidenced by this error message I got trying to access their forum:—-
    mySQL query error: SELECT id, member_id, running_time, location FROM ibf_sessions WHERE id=‘83f20a12f9468574bdaa02504d38ba13’ and ip_address=‘’

    mySQL error: Too many connections
    mySQL error code: 1040—-

    Interesting, eh?

    Beware of the Ides of April, because in jest there may be truth 😉

  3. Matt Avatar

    Everyone knows that they’ll be bundling the WordPress blogging app, WordPad, with Windows, if they haven’t started already. Get your facts straight. 😉

  4. Misangela Avatar

    Oh, GOD, this had BETTER be a joke.  If MT is eaten by MicroSux, then I’m gonna have to find another tool. Dammit, after all the hassles and irritation of moving to it in the first place!!

    Please, please let this be a joke.  I know that if MS gets ahold of this tool, it will never, ever work again with any OSX browser. Not to mention the fact that it’ll be used as a marketing tool by MS.

    This is not good news at all, if it’s true.

    Well, Adam, thanks for the heads up anyway.  Great site.


  5. :: jozjozjoz :: Avatar

    That was a good April Fool’s Joke!

  6. Luka Avatar

    dood. my heart nearly stopped.  ack!

  7. andy Avatar

    it’s only a dream. it’s only a dream. thank god it’s only a dream.

  8. jared Avatar

    He he nice joke!
    I remember this at next 1 april.  😀

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