POETRY: A Friendship Journey

A Friendship Journey

What strange lands a friendship travels…
Or rather strange, what friends have along the journey.
Of closeness felt and closeness feigned
Through the time many a friendship moves
And changes or disappears.

What was there? Or was it? Not to know.
Though truly, neither side is free to ignore
What might have, could have, seemed to be
At least to one

A friendship marked, marred
By uncertainty
Should it be said out loud? No.
Why voice what’s already known, already felt.

Actions precede words, no truer will follow
For little by little, now, there is nothing
No one
To follow
It doesn’t matter.

The signs can be learned, but can be neither avoided nor changed
One friend wants to change the signs
The other, to escape the journeyman, to stay one distance ahead
Until the friend reads but does not follow.

What strangeness, sometimes sadness, befalls those on the road of friendship…
Roads meet, roads diverge, roads end.
But the traveling does not, should not cease, for the road traveled
Is but one of many.
Friends, unique, but not finite.
The traveler wise does not forget, does not regret
But rather, remembers what was learned along the way
To be used on another journey
Another day
Which begins tomorrow.

Written by Adam Lasnik on July 26, 1995.






2 responses to “POETRY: A Friendship Journey”

  1. fasha Avatar

    it is really full of meaning of a friend journey ! i know how it is like to have a lot of friends . mine is cool

  2. samrina Avatar

    Beautiful thought n words about friendship.


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