Second Life doesn’t want me as a member

A while back, I tried Second Life and wrote about it.

Many months went by, and—after getting a new graphics card—I figured, hey, why not try Second Life again?

I actually remembered my old SL name though wasn’t sure of the password.  Guessed a couple of times, wasn’t able to log in, so I clicked on the Forgot Password link.  Ah ha… I knew the answer to that secret question, got a link to reset my password, and figured I was all good to go.

Except that I still couldn’t log in.  I waited a few hours and tried again, but still no-go.

This, indeed, was just the beginning of my ridiculous adventure.

As any responsible consumer would do, I scoured the SL wiki and help docs.  Nothing pertaining to my situation.

Ah ha!  A forum!  I’ll go on there and look for info, perhaps even post a plea.  But, of course, I wasn’t allowed to even read the forum without logging in… and since I couldn’t log in (duh!), well, no forum for me.

So at this point, it was clear that I had done all I could on my end and it was time for me to e-mail support.  No e-mail address (understandable), but I saw there was a way to file a ticket for help.  Just sign in and… aaaaaaaaaagh!

Persistent bugger that I am, I actually registered a SECOND Second Life account (does that make it a Third Life?  Nevermind), just so I could file a ticket, asking for my first account to be unlocked or whatever.  It was a pain-in-the-ass process (no, I do NOT want to decorate another avatar!), but I finally managed to log in and fill out a help ticket.

Three days later (in fairness, it was over the long weekend), I got a response:


Thank you for contacting Second Life customer relations. In order to assist you with your request, I will need some more information about the [account-name] account.?

[secret question removed] (the security question you selected)

When you have verified this information, I will be able to reset your password so you can log in.

Rowan Linden

*  *  *

YAY!  This was clearly the home stretch!  All I had to do was reply back with my answer and… oh, wait a minute: “THIS IS AN AUTOMATED RESPONSE, PLEASE DO NOT DIRECTLY REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.”  In all caps, no less. 

I clicked on the link to update the ticket, which—surprise surprise—brought me to a login screen.  Which, for whatever reason, I was not able to login with my Third Life credentials, so I had no way of replying to the customer service person.

But lo and behold, what’s this?  A 1-800 number on the login page!  Dog had mercy on my soul… and I dialed the digits eagerly.  Yep, “Welcome to Second Life…”

“…Please note that we have discontinued phone support.  Please go to…”

I give up.  I really don’t need any more distractions in my First Life anyway.




13 responses to “Second Life doesn’t want me as a member”

  1. Shimrit Avatar

    You’re not missing much. I got bored of it after about five minutes. The amount of effort required to get a decent presence going there is enough to completely take over your first (or original?) life. Is it really worth it?


  2. Mike Avatar

    Here’s a thought for you. If you join second life, and you sign up for something in second life, and you forget your username and password, does the new one get emailed to you in your second life, or this life? 😀

  3. Adam Avatar

    JohnMu… I’m not even gonna ask 😛

    Shim… exactly my thoughts.

    Mike… clever 😉

    Nomi… ah, wait, that was blogspam.  Deleted!

  4. Steve Avatar

    That is a very funny story. I have been on SL a couple of times. You are not missing much.

  5. Pete Avatar

    What is this fuzz about SL anyway? I must admit, i never tried it – and when i read your lines, i think that wasnt the baddest idea i ever had… I read in the german newspaper that the “golden days” of SL are over anyway.

    Greetings and good look finding your third virtual reality alter ego 🙂

  6. Kaleberg Avatar

    Wow, the same thing happened to me with Google. I had an account with the nickname I liked, but forgot the password. I tried everything. According to the folks who answer email at Google I am SOL and have to use a new account. My old account is in permanent retirement. Wonderful! So, now I just create a new Google account whenever I need to to sign in. There is no point in bothering to remember the password or develop any attachment to an account with no way to recover my password. This is probably a reasonable strategy for Google. If someone looses a gmail account with a few GB of email, it isn’t costing them much to just keep it around. Mind you, it means one more pissed off customer, but, who cares, gmail is free anyway.

  7. Klettern Avatar

    I dont like second life – our civilization is getting used to interact in a vitual world, that is unhealthy and makes us grow weird in some way. I recommend: Sports! 🙂

  8. James Avatar

    Well, i won’t go with the second life, but better not to go with virtual world.
    Recreation is the best way…

  9. Adam Avatar

    Adam… methinks you need to get out more 😉

  10. Sue Avatar

    Thanks!  I think you just saved me hours of frustration – I am giving up now! (Ok, how do I delete programs again???…..)

  11. Rostyslav Avatar

    I used to be addicted to Second life, then I rediscovered my Real Life!

  12. scoTTie Avatar

    Well I make about $3k to $5K per month because of Secondlife – so guess I cant complain. Anyone wanting to learn how themselves? not that difficult. Just look me up 😉 In-world I am scoTTieSon Constantine or over at SlamX just look for scoTTie—ask anyone, think they all know me 😛

  13. pandu Avatar

    Ha..ha..I used to have this same situation once and I found it ‘coz I have too many login accounts in different name. Once I forgot, and asked to submit the secrets code, then I’ll be blank out to find the correct one. LOL

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