Short guys in film

When browsing the headlines of Wired News the other day, I became excited when I saw this:

Short Film Stars on Amazon

Wow, I thought, short folks (in particular short guys) getting featured on a prominent site like Amazon! No more Tall, Dark, and Handsome, no siree… finally, the spotlight on short, pale, and plain looking fellas like myself! Oh happy day!

But, alas, the actual article was not what I had hoped for.

The initial excitement, however, has at least spurred me to ponder a related topic: Are there any Leading Men (I’m not talking goofy comics like Danny DeVito) that are, well, short? Tom Cruise, I suppose, isn’t all that tall (5’8″ or something?”) but are there any 5’2″ men cast as dreamy romantic leads? Any especially short men in film that are portrayed as strong, decisive, sexy rather than goofballs or jerks with Napoleon complexes?

Humble readers, help me out here… 🙂






What do you think?