So much to say (take six divided by two)

In my life, the last 22.3 hours:

  • a screaming baby duet
  • faux yogacized safety instructions
  • dozens of signs telling me not to stand
  • yet another brush with fame (soon, I’ll have top-level contacts at EVERY major broadway play! Okay, three. But it’s a start!)
  • a massively huge sauna — free!
  • dirty rotten scoundrels (from a distance)
  • the cheapest expensive hotel in the world? Or is it the most expensive cheap hotel? Hmm.
  • A hot british fitness instructor who had never heard of blogging… and hates computers (or “Why is life sometimes so damn unfair?”)
  • The most costly cheerios in the world?

Hmm… I need to stop this teasing, don’t I, or at least deliver? This certainly isn’t the first time that I’ve mentioned wacky mini-bits from my life without getting around to actually going into details. And indeed, the list of AdamHappenings and Musings I need to eventually journalize is getting to be quite lengthy. Ah, but the more time I spend blogging, the less time I have to get myself into and out of Life’s glorious and capricious randomness. No easy solutions.

For now, though, I have to catch some z’s so I can be awake to haul 230 pounds a dozen blocks or so in order for me to eventually get to another famous (infamous?) Camp For Swingers(tm). From there, you can bet computering will be the last thing on my mind 😉 Bye for now!

P.S. — Hey, TabletPC-heads, don’t worry… I still have much more to say about those things. In a week. Or three. Ack.






One response to “So much to say (take six divided by two)”

  1. gillian Avatar

    Man, you had me totally fooled on the whole swinging thing. And then I followed the photos link. I feel like such a perv.

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