So when’s it okay to lie?

A very attractive acquaintance of mine, who once had beautiful flowing long hair, got her tresses cut, well, awful short 🙁

So short, in fact, that I wasn’t sure it was her when she was in my arms tonight while dancing. “Hi, I’m Adam” I hesitatingly introduced myself, to which she replied with mock exasperation, “Uh, I’m [so-and-so], remember?”

She realized, of course, that I didn’t recognize her because of her major crop job. And certainly, my expected response would have been “You look great.”

But I didn’t think that was true, so I just smiled and apologized for my doofish inability to recognize her.

She smiled back, but I’m wondering whether she was hurt that I didn’t compliment her on her new doo.

I might even have considered saying something nice, but I’m a lousy liar.

This, indeed, also explains why I never became a lawyer.






2 responses to “So when’s it okay to lie?”

  1. Harald Avatar

    There’s no need to lie. Just be diplomatic about it. Say something like; ‘well that’ll take some getting used to…’. And don’t say you don’t like her short hair but that you really liked her long hair. Keywords here are charm and diplomacy.

  2. Astrologie Avatar

    Sometimes you have to lie!
    Lying is an art, but it going to use it for good causes!

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