So when’s it okay to lie?


A very attractive acquaintance of mine, who once had beautiful flowing long hair, got her tresses cut, well, awful short 🙁

So short, in fact, that I wasn’t sure it was her when she was in my arms tonight while dancing. “Hi, I’m Adam” I hesitatingly introduced myself, to which she replied with mock exasperation, “Uh, I’m [so-and-so], remember?”

She realized, of course, that I didn’t recognize her because of her major crop job. And certainly, my expected response would have been “You look great.”

But I didn’t think that was true, so I just smiled and apologized for my doofish inability to recognize her.

She smiled back, but I’m wondering whether she was hurt that I didn’t compliment her on her new doo.

I might even have considered saying something nice, but I’m a lousy liar.

This, indeed, also explains why I never became a lawyer.

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  • Harald Sep 15, 2002 Link Reply

    There’s no need to lie. Just be diplomatic about it. Say something like; ‘well that’ll take some getting used to…’. And don’t say you don’t like her short hair but that you really liked her long hair. Keywords here are charm and diplomacy.

  • delboy Jan 8, 2004 Link Reply

    Thereason why u didnt compliment the lady with the short hair is cos ur an ignorant PRICK!!Lawyer boy do u even have a job!If so,well done on that front,YA DICK!

  • Astrologie Jun 27, 2008 Link Reply

    Sometimes you have to lie!
    Lying is an art, but it going to use it for good causes!

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