The fabulous jazzy score of Metropolis (and Napster vs. Rhapsody)


Have you heard of the movie Metropolis (the anime one)?  No?  How about film scorer Toshiyuki Honda?  No, again?  Well, you’re missing out!  It’s a delightfully quirky and surprisingly touching film, despite a somewhat slim plot and cursory characterizations.  And the Metropolis soundtrack is especially charming and catchy… in particular, it’s surprisingly jazzy, providing a sometimes-stark (and undoubtedly intended) counterpoint with the dark feel of the film.

Here are three different ways to listen to this great music, and I’d love to hear your feedback on which you find best overall:

1) Click on the “Metropolis soundtrack” link above to go to the page, and listen to clips there.

2) Listen to Metropolis on Rhapsody
NOTE: You’ll have to download a small plugin.  Non-subscribers (free users) get 25 free full-length track plays per month.  No registration required.

3) Listen to the title track below on Napster.
NOTE: Registration required (but it’s pretty fast and painless). You can listen to an unlimited number of songs (from blogs and directly on Napster’s site), but can listen to any particular track a maximum of three times total.
EDIT: Dang, for some odd reason, I’m not able to embed the Napster player in my blog, so you’ll have to make do with a Napster popup player that plays Metropolis.

* * *

For more info on how I think these options fall far short of ideal (and a glimpse into what my ideal is), feel free to check out my post from yesterday if you haven’t already (“Fair use, mashups, and profits” )

And of course, there’s always the easier way… er, easier for users, pain in the ass for me.
Visit my entry on humorous a cappella ditty Aunt Sue’s Aunt Soup to see what I mean.

Anyway, I look forward to your thoughts on embedded music and sharing music in general!

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