They’re wet and they’re pissed

Europeans are blaming George Bush for the recent floods.







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  1. Rich Avatar


    W obviously ain’t to blame for THESE floods.  He will merely be the person most responsible for further ruinous warming in decades to come.

    Further predictions: 

    1.  He will be re-elected.  This will barely be an issue. 
    2.  In the next several decades, millions will die and tens of millions more will suffer horrendously. 
    3.  Bush will be shielded by those who surround and praise him until the day he dies from accepting ever accepting any responsibility for it.

    I may sound bitter, as I am, but I’d prefer he wake up and declare war on greenhouse emissions tomorrow.

    I am continually appalled at how little attention this issue gets in the U.S. (When I approached my congressman about global warming, pointing out the overwhelming consensus among scientists that humans are playing a significant role in creating it—and describing it, accurately I believe, as the overriding moral issue of our times—he treated it with all the concern he might give to a minor provision of the tax code.  He has plenty of company in this, in Congress, the media and the public.)

    Aren’t you sorry you brought it up?


  2. Harald Avatar

    Don’t be sorry. You are the media. Bring things up. It may just change someone’s mind.

    One of your wet readers.

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