What was Disney thinking?

As you may have heard by now, Disney has begun field-testing its “EZ-D” DVDs that self-destruct after 48 hours.

Understandably, environmentalists are up in arms. But while I share in their disdain for this wasteful format, I have a different question to ask: What bozo set the price for these discs at $7 each?!

For about $7, I can go see a matinee on a BIG screen.
For about $8 on average, including shipping and handling, I can buy DVDs from a DVD club (via their intro package).
For about $10, I can actually buy single used DVDs (without any quality degredation), or — on sale — often new DVDs.
Via many online services, I can rent a DVD, complete with free postage-paid mailer, for about $3.

$7 for a disposable time-limited piece of plastic? It’s not just an animated character that’s Goofy, that’s for sure.




2 responses to “What was Disney thinking?”

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