Yet more awesome a cappella & an affordable music studio

First, a quick note to those SEOs who are still reading my blog hoping for detailed Google search-related tidbits.  It’s still unlikely.  If I ever do post nuggets of search wisdom here, I’m sure you’ll hear about it :-D.  With that said, Google is moving ahead to improve communications, both internally and externally; I recently enjoyed visiting and discussing Search Quality issues with Googlers in Berlin and Dublin and also had a great time meeting with folks at the London Search Engine Strategies Conference.  Photos online soon, I hope!  And yes, we’re further extending the coolness of Sitemaps and related Webmaster tools, improving documentation, and much more.

Okay, enough about that, though.

I wanted to bring back the musicness of my blog and so today I’m featuring a catchy tune by my friend Tat Tong… a lousy Webmaster (sorry, Tat) but a fine musician and award-winning sound recording engineer.

The short song below, Revocation, was composed, arranged, and sung entirely by Tat.
NOTE: Broadband connection required.  Sorry, I’m not dealing with bandwidth detection and uploading multiple / inferior clips anymore.

At Tat’s recording studio Web site, you can hear more of his recording work and learn about the awards he’s garnered.

I’m highlighting Tat and his music for a few reasons:

  • He’s a friend.
  • I like his music and admire his recording skills.
  • I think the power and magnitude of what musicians can do today on modest budgets is amazing and worth showing off (so no, Tat does not have a multi-million dollar studio)
  • I’m happy to demonstrate (in case it wasn’t obvious already) that there’s yet another thing that Big Labels are unnecessary for.  Not to mention that artists can now gain exposure on MySpace or Google Video, sell CDs effectively (and without getting ripped off) via great sites like CD Baby, even sell electronic downloads (full quality, if they choose!) via kick-ass sites like Magnatune (and get a hell of a better cut than via iTunes!).  Admittedly, the day may not have come where artists can become megahit wonders without labels (due to the sheepiness of vast swaths of consumers, IMHO), but that day WILL come in my lifetime, I’m sure :-D.

Well, enough pontificating.  Enjoy Tat’s music and hire him if you’d like some quality music work done!

*  *  *

UPDATE – July 2, 2006
Tat updated his Web site and the music no longer autoplays.







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