A very quick found-money tip

Earlier this week I spent about 45 seconds and got $134 for my effort.

It went something like this:

  1. Phone rang.  Didn’t recognize number, and was going to let it go to voicemail, but for some reason I answered it.
  2. “Hi, may I speak with Adam?” [oh no… not a telemarketer!  I braced myself.]
  3. “This is Angela from [dental group], and I wanted to let you know it’s time for your teeth cleaning…”
  4. I explained that I had moved and was getting my teeth cleaned by another dentist.
  5. “Oh!  Well, there’s a $134 credit on your account.  Would you like me to send it to you?”
  6. Three days later, I found a check for $134 in my mailbox.

Why am I sharing this story with you?  Well, you see, this got me to thinking.  Maybe there are other people who have changed dentists or banks or optometrists, that sort of thing.  And maybe they’re owed money, too.

Perhaps it’s worth checking for a check, eh? 😀

– A public service message from your local BLADAM



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5 responses to “A very quick found-money tip”

  1. Meg Avatar

    How did you get a credit at the dentist’s?

  2. toronto condominiums Avatar

    How did you get a credit at the dentist?s?

  3. Liz Voss Avatar

    Great idea.  There is also a public website that you can log into and run a free search on your name that provides information to anyone that inquires they may have money coming to them.

  4. Bill Gassett Avatar

    Always nice when you are able to find money you did not expect to have coming to you:)

  5. Janeth Avatar

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    Have a great day,
    Janeth Smith

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