Help me raise money for music-in-schools!

Hey there,

I’m passionate about music, and I bet you are, too.  I’m even more excited about giving kids the opportunity to have their lives enriched through music… especially disadvantaged kids who so desperately need beauty, discipline, and ART in their lives!

I just learned today that one of my all-time favorite music sites, Pandora, is teaming up with the fine philanthropic organization, GlobalGiving, to support non-profits in the area of music-for-kids.  Pandora’s even giving free posters to anyone who donates $10 or more (while supplies last).

Here’s how you can get your donation TRIPLED or even QUADRUPLED!:
1) Visit this information page from Pandora.
2) Donate some money to any of the three organizations listed.
3) Let me know about your donation (organization and amount), either via a comment on this entry, on this Friendfeed thread, or via e-mail (to adam at the domain
4) Check with your employer to see if they offer donation matching!

I will personally donate a minimum of $50, and up to $250 of my own cash, depending on how much you BLADAM readers donate 😀
In other words, if those of you posting a reply here (or in my e-mail) donate $250, I’ll then donate $250.  And my employer, Google, will match that.  And perhaps your employer will match your contribution, too… making our collective donation in this case between $750 and $1000!

I’ll be making my donation this coming Monday evening, so get your donations in now!
  I’ve extended the deadline until Tuesday, Oct 13, 10pm PST

Let’s shoot for $1,000 together… or even more!

P.S.—If any other folks want to also contribute matching funds as part of this, post a comment here and I’ll add your name and offer below.  Let’s see this effort snowball!

*  *  *

Contributions so far:
– Wysz: $50 (+ his employer matching)—$100
– Jen: $10
– Char: $50 (+ her employer matching)—$100
– Jason: $50 (Jason’s employer may also match)
– Katie: $10
– Valerie: $50
– Greg: $50 (+ his employer matching)—$100
– Edythe: $? (amount of donation unknown)
– Adam: $250 (+ my employer matching)—$500
– Tiffany: $50 (+ her employer matching)—$100

SUBTOTAL: $1,020

BUT WAIT… Greg offered to throw in more money if the pool reached $1,000!

– Greg: another $50 (+ his employer matching)—$100

TOTAL:  $1,120.  WE ROCK! 😀







15 responses to “Help me raise money for music-in-schools!”

  1. Wysz Avatar

    $50 to the Little Kids Rock project, fully matched by my employer as well. 😉

    Good work, Adam!

  2. Char Avatar

    I donated $50 to the Little Kids Rock project as well, fully matched by my employer like Wysz ;-);-).

  3. Adam Avatar

    You two (+ Jen, who e-mailed me) absolutely rock!  We’re 1/3rd towards my $1,000 goal.  Thanks! 😀

  4. Angelina Maben Avatar

    We all should donate for this noble cause.

  5. Jason F. Avatar
    Jason F.

    $50.00 to Give the Gift of Music to Under-Served Students (#1503)

    Possibly getting my employer matching.  I’ll need to fill out a form.


  6. Adam Avatar

    Awesome, Jason!  Let me know when you confirm the matching possibility.  For now, you’ve just brought the total up at least $150 ($50 from you, $50 from me, and $50 from Google) 😀

  7. Katie Wheeler Avatar

    Add another $10 for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Fund from me. Thanks for getting us all involved and making our donations spread further. 😀

  8. Adam Avatar

    Ah, super, Katie!  Shoulda guessed you’d be up for helping budding artists.  Thanks! 😀

  9. Greg Grothaus Avatar

    Alright, I’ll up the challenge.  I’ll add $50 to the pool now, with a $50 matching.

    But, if the pool reaches $1,000 total (further extensions allowed too), I’ll add an additional $50 with an additional $50 matching.

  10. Adam Avatar

    That rocks, Greg!  Okay, people, we’re at $960.  Another $40 and Greg’s adding in another $50 (+employer matching)… so that’s another $100 on top of Greg’s already generous donation.

    Let’s try to get this in by tonight!

  11. Adam Avatar

    Oh, no, wait… sorry, I spoke too soon.  Due to my own personal limit of $250 this time (sorry!), the total donated from our group stands at $920.  Still, that’s darn close to $1,000!  We can do it! 😀

  12. Greg Grothaus Avatar

    Sounds like a no brainer.  Donate $50, get an employer match of another $50, get an adam/employer match of $100, and get a greg/employer match of $100.

    So for a $50 donation, $300 goes to the charity.  Doesn’t get better than that.

  13. tiff Avatar

    alright, I had the donation page open all day and I finally got around to filling it in…

    $50 from me + $50 more from my employer! (Music Brings Hope and Opportunity to Youth in Rio)

  14. Tim Westergren Avatar

    Wow!  This is so wonderful!  Everyone at Pandora has seen this, Adam.  What a great gesture.  Music is such a powerful force for kids.  We’re huge believers and it means a lot to see such generosity from our listeners…

    Our heartfelt thanks.

    Tim (Founder, Pandora)

  15. Adam Avatar

    Delighted that we could bring some smiles not only to the kids who will be helped, but also to all of you cool folks at Pandora!  Thanks for the note 😀

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