About the "gay" and "fun" people I’ve met

When ordering over the phone from a dance shoe store, at the end of a long friendly conversation with the owner…

     ME:  Well, hey, thanks!  You’ve been super-helpful.
     HER:  You’re welcome!  And by the way, I’m gay.
     [awkward pause, not that there’s anything wrong with that]
     HER: … Er, my name is Gaye, G-A-Y-E.

Today, after dinner, I spotted a gaggle of interns and figured it was high time I actually broke from my recently-anti-social self and said hi.

     ME:  I didn’t catch your name…
     HER:  Oh, I’m fun!
     [brief confused and amused pause]
     HER … See? [shows name badge:  P-H-U-N]

*  *  *

For the record, Gaye did come across as quite gay (as in happy), and Phun does seem quite fun.  The geek in me ponders causality.

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  1. Adam, I think there’s a bit of Larry David and Seinfeld in you. Hilarious, the things that happen your way!

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