Being under the microscope

I’ve been at Google about four months, and it’s been a hell of a great ride so far.  I really need to write more about this later, but in a nutshell… my colleagues rock, the flexible and trusting environment is awesome, and I’m very excited about what I’m working on.

However, I do have to admit to sometimes being a bit freaked out :o.

I spend a good chunk of my morning reading relevant industry news and also thoughtful blogs from Webmasters and others all around the world.  I glean a lot of great ideas (and yes, sometimes also bugs) that I share with colleagues here at Google. 

A few days ago, I came across a pretty untraditional note, and I thought, hey… wouldn’t it be kinda funny if I actually went ahead and mailed Al a Tylenol packet?  So I did.  I figured he’d get a chuckle, maybe share it with some friends or even post a quick update on his blog.

I had no idea that something this silly would capture this much attention!

Anyway, yeah, this little mailing was indeed sent on a whim from a random Googler (me!), and though I’m a bit shocked by the response, I’m glad that my letter ended up entertaining not only Al, but also lots of other people.

Along with many others here at Google, I’m working on some very cool projects dealing with Webmaster communications.  But aside from all of that official stuff, I’m reminded that it’s clearly the little things now and then that give a human face to this company.  Not to mention that when one of us Googlers decides to be a bit wacky, it’s far from a private moment 😛


  1. Adam, you Da’ man!!!  I was laughing all day about this.  Thanks again for making my day!
    Al Scillitani

    PS- I heard California is nice this time of year 🙂

  2. Hi Adam, the blog doesn?t see too bad, I thing that the important thing is the content; personal blog reflex the way that the blog owner think, and I can see your thinking way through “bladam 2.0”. Anyway, I?m waiting for the 3.0 version to say “wow, that?s the guy” (kidding) 😉

  3. Hey everyone, thanks for the friendly words!  I was not only amazed at the coverage (as I noted in the entry) but also very, very thankful that people largely took the Pilling in the spirit it was intended 😀

    Jon… regarding your question about the type of pill I sent:  I’m fairly certain it wasn’t brand-name Tylenol, but I thought I had grabbed some genuine (generic) acetaminophen from the first aid locker.  It’s possible I grabbed asprin instead, though; Al could certainly clarify if he’s still reading this thread :-D.

    Anyway, thanks again everyone for stopping by, and please do take a moment to say a word or two on other threads.  My blog isn’t (yet) powered by Google search, but the search option (above) ain’t all that bad 😀

  4. New service idea:  Google Wish.

    Just granting one wish a day would probably be good enough—just pull it from Google’s petty cash. *:-)

  5. Adam:

    Thanks for always helping us remember that each morning is yet another a “good ol’ day” in the making. To say that you and Google fit like hand in glove appears to be an understatement.


  6. Hi Adam, I would like to suggest you, whenver we are visiting google webmaster tools and reading proper information for the seo purpose, i would like to have over there two fields one for comments and secondive for email. so one who really wants or want to comments on serious problem than get back to the staff very easily.

  7. Adam, please help me. I’m in a management class and I’ve chosen Google to do my project on. I thought it would be easy to just “google” Google. But I can’t find any information I’m looking for.

    I need to know Google’s planning, organizing, leading and controlling structure for my paper.

  8. Hello Adam, congratulation for your website. I love google too and now with caffeine I hope its structure has been improved. Greetings from Bologna in Italy

  9. please Google stop your fascist activities and remove yourselves from the web you can all go to China (and take the CIA and NSA with you) and find the lifestyle you want ready made there.

  10. I want the e-mail johnsonlkim so bad that i am trying anything to get a hold of someone at google to help me get it i went to forgot my password to see if someone else had it and it said that no one had it so will u please help me out it something i want sooooo baaaad i sooo would be one very very very happy happy happy woman thanks for working on it

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