Blast from the past: 8th grade poetry

Just for the heck of it, I figured I’d add in to my blog this goofy poem I wrote when I was in the 8th grade. Enjoy!

A Morning Warning

The following may really sound quite queer,
But it’s all the truth, what you will hear
I’d like to describe to you one horrible day,
When something awful came my way.

I woke with the sun, just like all other morns
But next to my bed was a thing with nine horns!
Nine horns, I say, oh yes indeed,
Also nine eyes, with which it could read.

It opened its mouth and said, “Come to me,”
“I’m starving, for I haven’t had breakfast, you see!”
Now I wasn’t too keen on BEING breakfast that day,
So I thought really fast, and I started to say…

“I’m really fatty and I’m not good to eat,”
“But why don’t you try Harry Plat down the street!”
The thing with nine eyes replied, “Gee, thanks a lot!”
And he flew, yes he flew, right away from that spot.

I never saw that creature after that
But in school, oh my, there was no Harry Plat!

This story isn’t a bunch of lies,
And if you see something with nine horns and nine eyes —
Don’t offer him someone else to eat,
For remember poor Harry Plat, who lived down the street.

Written by Adam Lasnik sometime in 1985 for 8th grade English class.


What do you think?

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