Can’t Buy Me Love, but CAN buy a girlfriend!

I just learned (via that there’s a new crazy trend on ebay for women to be selling themselves as “Imaginary Girlfriends.”

I kidd you not. Yes, you, too can receive loving letters, occasional (oft pre-scheduled) IMs, and sometimes even other assorted, uh, goodies from some (supposedly female) mercenary…. for just $19.95 — or in some cases, as much as $250 (!)

I don’t know what’s sadder: the sellers or the pathetically-eager buyers. On a deeper level, it’s most sad that folks are apparently so desperately both craving connections and unable to attain such real connectedness. I guess this explains much of the “Reality TV” craze, too. Don’t have a social life or real friends? That’s okay, you can bond with and live your life through those ‘real’ people on the screen!


  1. We have actually sold one of our housemates before.  We got ?10 which went to charity.

    I do understand the thinking behind buying these “girlfriends”.  If you appear to be in a relationship, you’ll immediately become more attractive.  It’s human nature to want something already taken, and proven in New Scientist a while back if I remember correctly.

  2. Forget imaginary girlfriends I need a real girlfriend and I’m willing to pay hard cash to get one. If anyone wants to sell me their girlfriend let me know I could be interested.

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