Can’t Buy Me Love, but CAN buy a girlfriend!

I just learned (via that there’s a new crazy trend on ebay for women to be selling themselves as “Imaginary Girlfriends.”

I kidd you not. Yes, you, too can receive loving letters, occasional (oft pre-scheduled) IMs, and sometimes even other assorted, uh, goodies from some (supposedly female) mercenary…. for just $19.95 — or in some cases, as much as $250 (!)

I don’t know what’s sadder: the sellers or the pathetically-eager buyers. On a deeper level, it’s most sad that folks are apparently so desperately both craving connections and unable to attain such real connectedness. I guess this explains much of the “Reality TV” craze, too. Don’t have a social life or real friends? That’s okay, you can bond with and live your life through those ‘real’ people on the screen!







8 responses to “Can’t Buy Me Love, but CAN buy a girlfriend!”

  1. Richard Avatar

    We have actually sold one of our housemates before.  We got ?10 which went to charity.

    I do understand the thinking behind buying these “girlfriends”.  If you appear to be in a relationship, you’ll immediately become more attractive.  It’s human nature to want something already taken, and proven in New Scientist a while back if I remember correctly.

  2. Matt Avatar

    I have just lost all faith in humanity.

  3. donald dolliver Avatar

    i want to buy a girlfriend for cheap.

  4. Troopsy Avatar

    Hello laydees

  5. paul Avatar

    Forget imaginary girlfriends I need a real girlfriend and I’m willing to pay hard cash to get one. If anyone wants to sell me their girlfriend let me know I could be interested.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    I’m buying a real gf.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    lol I’m not from Taiwan, as it says.

    IP tracker fails. :p

  8. Adam Avatar

    But maybe your upcomingly purchased girlfriend is from Taiwan.  Precognition FTW!

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