Looks like I got a case of the Mondays. But why?

Today is a bad day.  A particularly consistent bad day.  Not an awful day, mind you, but just bad enough to be laughably annoying.  And this got me to thinking… Why is it that bad luck seems to come in strings… chains… in groups… whatever? My example today: Had bathroom conflicts with roomie and her… Continue reading Looks like I got a case of the Mondays. But why?

Brief rant: to-do lists online

I’ll keep this (relatively) short and sweet: I already use a fine to-do list software application (MyLifeOrganized), but since I’m aiming to move most of my life online, I thought I’d check out various online to-do apps.  I’ve been *shocked* at how every single app I’ve looked at falls into one of two categories: 1)… Continue reading Brief rant: to-do lists online

T-shirt stats

So, what do you do when you’re home alone on a Saturday night, you don’t feel like going out, and you also aren’t in the mood to be very productive? No, not THAT ;-). Why, you optimize your t-shirt drawers, of course.  Exactly!  And so far, I’ve determined that I have: 13 Google t-shirts (fewer… Continue reading T-shirt stats

The *Filled to All Available* Syndrome

Over some coffee this afternoon, I contemplated what I have now coined the “Filled to All Available” or “FTAA” syndrome.  Here’s what it means, basically.  As humans, we tend towards and often feel more comfortable within defined boundaries.  Ambiguities and uncertain limits force us to think, to apply sometimes-risky judgement calls, and in our rushed… Continue reading The *Filled to All Available* Syndrome

Shocking car cost calculations

Okay, so maybe this is a total “duh!” observation, but I’ve just come to the stark realization of how insanely expensive it is to own a car in the Bay Area. And no, I’m not even talking about gas prices. You see, my current 1992 car is about ready to join that great pile in… Continue reading Shocking car cost calculations

Bad usability isn’t confined to the Web

I’ve often ranted here and elsewhere about usability / UI problems with Web sites, software apps, and other geekery. Unfortunately — and unsurprisingly — stupid design decisions aren’t confined to the online world. I was reminded of this in a very unpleasant, sticky, and smelly way recently. You see, there’s this wonderful chlorine-deactivating shampoo (“Ultraswim”)… Continue reading Bad usability isn’t confined to the Web

Miscellaneous ponderings

With dentists universally recommending soft toothbrushes, why are hard toothbrushes still made? When the EU made the new Euro money, why did they still go ahead and make a one cent coin, even though it apparently costs more than one cent to produce? Why do people write checks at the grocery store? Doesn’t every bank… Continue reading Miscellaneous ponderings

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The Mystery Sticker

After after signing up for and receiving all sorts of free magazine subscriptions via Internet promotions, I’m now on some sort of “major magazine lover” list. Hardly a week goes by when I don’t receive one or more solicitations in the mail for free trial subscriptions to this or that magazine. Always the curious fella… Continue reading The Mystery Sticker

Corporate Communications B.S.

I’m sure most folks probably don’t pay much attention to tiny-print and speed-spoken corporate admonishments and disclaimers and the like, but I find them fascinating all the same. They generally fall into two categories:– Warnings about potential socially-undesireable outcomes / safety risks, like “Don’t drink and drive” and “Commercial filmed by stunt driver… do not… Continue reading Corporate Communications B.S.

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