So what do YOU want to read?

You may have noticed that some of my recent blog entries have been more sarcastic than smiley, more political than personal. Perhaps that suits you fine, and perhaps it doesn’t. But worry not! By selecting links on the righthand side under “Bladam Categories” you can read exactly the entries that interest you, whether that be… Continue reading So what do YOU want to read?

Comparative risks, statistics, and ignorance, damn ignorance

People — Americans in particular — are not good at assessing risks, benefits, and statistics regarding them. Thousands, perhaps millions of people refused to fly even months after 9/11, despite the fact that even if — God forbid — a jetliner was blown to smithereens every day, people would still be safer in the skies… Continue reading Comparative risks, statistics, and ignorance, damn ignorance

What the heck…?!?

For those of you who are wandering in here this weekend due to seeing this site ‘updated’ on… please note that I’m in the process of adding old entries from my Salon/Radio blog. Sorry for any confusion. And yes, I’ll be fixing up the look-and-feel of this blog and adding links and such soon.… Continue reading What the heck…?!?

Zions Bank, how may we screw you?

Just a brief note to warn people against getting any account (credit card or otherwise) with Zions Bank. I signed up for one of their credit cards, never received it, never made a charge on it, and the frequent-flier-rewards program with an annual fee was canceled a week after I signed up due to the… Continue reading Zions Bank, how may we screw you?

Really worth 3x the price?

This article just confirmed my worst fears: the likelihood of me ever affording a home in the Bay Area is about equal to (or rather, dependent upon) me winning the lottery. For $198,000, you can get a new three-bedroom, 2,200-square-foot house from Standard Pacific Homes, complete with two-car garage, marble sinks and extensive landscaping. But you’ll have to move… Continue reading Really worth 3x the price?

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