Zions Bank, how may we screw you?

Just a brief note to warn people against getting any account (credit card or otherwise) with Zions Bank.

I signed up for one of their credit cards, never received it, never made a charge on it, and the frequent-flier-rewards program with an annual fee was canceled a week after I signed up due to the rewards company going bankrupt.

Nonetheless, despite me cancelling my card ASAP, they continued to send threatening “overdue” notices to me with the program fee and finance charges.

Seven phone calls and reps-promising-a-fix later, I received yet another nastygram in the mail.

The last rep I spoke with promised that the account had indeed finally been closed and set to a zero balance and promised, at my insistence, to send me a faxed confirmation of this the next day. I just got a call from him this afternoon, however, with him apologizing that his company policy “does not allow” him to have any such written notice sent to me unless Zions Bank receives a formal request in writing from an attorney.

I’m ordering a credit report, and if there are any mean marks from Zions Bank on there, I *AM* suing them in small claims court. Sheesh, just what I need to be spending time on now, though… 😐


  1. Amen!! I am going to leave them after 35 years. I it’s scary how insensitive andd greedy they have become.  Th values once associated with them are lost and gone. It is a shame thatthe road to hell is paved with zions bank charges.

  2. I agree. They have charged me multiple times on bogus finance charges, and “overdue” payments. I had to call them multiple times, and walk into several branches to get it fixed. Zions bank for the lose

  3. They need to revise thier current slogan:

    “We haven’t forgotten who keeps us in business”


    “We haven’t forgotten who keeps us in business (becasue we never knew)”

  4. Yeah! I hate every business that ever gives me bad service ever. Like once the line at the post office was too long, so I stopped using them and got email, but yahoo kept sending me spam, so I hate them. Now I use carrier pidgeons, but they crap on my car too much so screw them. And then theres Wal-Mart they suck, oh and just about every other company in the world, which I am sure at one time has given bad service to someone. So screw them all!

  5. Never have I been so willing to want to take off to Zion Bank in Utah to ask two people in the car loan department and ask them just who in the hell they think they are telling my wife that we should be soooo greatful that we were accepted by their bank with the poor credit we have. Yes!, we do have bad credit because my wife had breast cancer! They say that this is no excuse!, and we should be lucky and sooo greatful to them? I think by using the word “Zion”, which is really intended to be used by the “Church of Jesus Christ of LDS has gone to their heads!  They are holy then thou us and we should all bow down and kiss their ass! So be very careful people!  When you do business with Zion’s Bank you walk on holy ground!  Ass holes!

  6. I just opened a Zion money market account and so far I’m pretty nervous about them.  They do not provide a way to electronically make an initial deposit, so I had to send in a check and was told they’d send me my internet logon information through snail mail once they received the deposit.  It took a week for me to get that information, and I didn’t really like having to wait that long to have visibility to my own money.  Then once I was finally able to log on, I tried to add some external accounts for transfers.  I wasn’t able to do this, according to them, unless I have either Overdraft Protection (which requires a call to Customer Service) or a credit card with them.  So, pretty much just desperate to have access to my own money as soon as possible, I applied for one of their credit cards (just what I need, another credit card I will never use) and who knows when that will be approved and I will be able to add external accounts.  I was in such a hurry I didn’t even think to check for any annual fees on the credit card, which I admit is my own fault.  And yes, they sent me 5 starter checks so I could write a check if I really needed my money.  I guess I’m spoiled from the easy breeziness of my current online bank, from which I defected to get a better interest rate.  Anyway, now that I’ve jumped through all the Zion hoops, their interest rate fell already according to Bankrate.com.  Still one of the highest rates but if I’d known how difficult it would be to initialize the account I would’ve gone somewhere else with a similar rate.  Oh yeah, and the best part is that they don’t disclose anywhere on their online banking site what my interest rate is (my current online bank does which is how I knew I wasn’t getting a competitive rate anymore).  I guess they want to make it difficult for me to find out I’m not getting the rate I signed up for.  From reading the other comments I hope I don’t get approved for the credit card.  Regardless I will probably put my money somewhere else as fast as I can, and with a bank that guarantees their rate for some length of time.  Every bank has its ups and downs but from my very short experience with this bank I’d recommend taking your money somewhere else.

    I signed up with another online bank with a guaranteed (for 3 months) interest rate about a week later…not only did they allow an electronic initial deposit, but my logon information arrived within 3 business days and I was immediately able to add an external account for the approval process (them making 2 small deposits and me confirming what they were etc etc).  What a relief.  Oh yeah, and they clearly disclose my current interest rate in my online account information.

  7. I work for Zion’s, and I will never bank with them :p Credit Unions are for the win, sucka

  8. I recently fell on hard times, being laid off and my account went overdraft. I had every intention of getting it back in the green as soon as I could and when I finally had money to go deposit what do ya know…. My account was closed by Zions and they put marks on my credit report. I thought this was the bank that “Hasn’t forgotten who keeps them in business”. What a load. I am glad though, I have that negativity out of my life. Back to good trusty credit unions for me!

  9. I still work for Zion’s and still won’t bank with them. Truth is they’re just plain unethical.  You think as a teller we want to sell you shit you don’t need?  Oh believe me, our jobs DO depend on it, though…  Point me in the direction of a better job, please.  I’m on the lookout.

  10. Some credit card issuers can really be a pain in the ..
    Almost look like it’s the internal policy to try to confuse customers and make sure they have no way of canceling the product. I heard about “bad credit” credit cards issuers that have 200$ adhesion fees for a 250$ monthly limit, not the same subject, but banks again trying to exploit people :/

  11. I have banked with Zions for years and they have been good to me.

    I started working for them in 2003 and I have not seen a single instance of unethical conduct.  Shutting down accounts when there are charge-offs is routine at every bank.  Have there been rude people?  Probably, Zions has lots of employees.  But I have always been treated well.

  12. Imagine that, wanting your money back when someone doesn’t pay, files for BK, has biz failure, crop failure, etc., etc.  And it must be the banks fault when this stuff happens.  If you owe them money, pay them.  If you file BK, expect the banks to close down your accounts.  I was in the banking business too long to remember.  The hardest thing for bankers: getting people to take responsibility for their own actions.  Everyone wants someone to blame, so blame the bank.  Yes, they have lots of money and big legal departments, and assholes that call and want their money back.  But they took a risk on YOU, and deserve for YOU to do what you agree to.  Grow up folks…..

  13. When First Security Bank was taken over by Wells Fargo, a large number of employees of FSB were courted by Zions and offered large salary increases so they moved over to Zions Bank. These employees brought a great deal of experience and knowledge in addition to many customers. Because of this, Zions did very well for the three or four year after that. Zions management did not give credit to all these people (who were treated as outsiders for a long time)instead they thought that the bank was doing well because of their above average intelligence. Now that some time has passed and Wells Fargo has finally got their act together Zions is going down where it always should’ve stayed had not been for all those First Security amployees.

  14. The last two years I have had a lot of trouble with overdrafts at Zions Bank.  My balance at the bank never matches the adjusted balance on the internet banking log.  I believe it is rigged so that if you check the computer to see what your balance is, it is always incorrect. It can be way off, and I no longer trust Zions.  Also, they rig any debit charges so that it is in the process of being deducted from your account before it is actually taken out of the account.  So, there is hardly ever any way you know your correct balance.  Last month I had $200 and more in overdraft charges which were totally unexpected and the officers backed them off my account.  But, I am opening an account at a Credit Union on the 1st because I just cannot deal with this unethical treatment by Zions.  Also, their computer system is so antiquated that THEY never know what your accurate balance is.  I can’t afford to bank with Zions any longer.

  15. I agree with a writer it is the responsibility of the customer to manage their accts. I’ve been a customer for five years. I’ve received exceptional advice i.e, how to calculate my monthly interest. re: my money market acct. Zion’s employees are knowledable,very courteous always willing to assist with any question. At times I have many.  Zion’s staff have returned calls, emails and transferred me to departments personnel who actually listen and make it happen. My daughters, xhusband, friends all have become Zion customers. Your money is safe here! Please by allmeans do business with Zions.

  16. A voice of dissent here—I have been banking with Zions for over 20 years, have always been treated well, and have not had any experience of unethical behavior.

  17. I have always been treated professionally and courteously by the men and women that work for Zions Bank. They offer sound advice and seem to be honest…at least as honest as a bank can get. I had a savings act with them years ago and presently have a primary checking act with them now. I have no intention of going anywhere. It’s the crooks running Citi Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo that we have to worry about, not Zions.

  18. Recently, I asked my mutual fund to withdraw money (ACH) from my Zions money market account. Later, I noticed that 3 new transactions had appeared:  one for the actual money transfer, and two for debits of $0.00 (which I later learned were “pre-notes” from the mutual fund company.)  Guess what!  When determining if my monthly debits exceed the limit of six, Zions informed me that the $0.00 debits are included!  (Zions charges $15/ea. for monthly debits in excess of 6.)  I don’t know if other banks do this, but it sure doesn’t seem fair to penalize the account-holder for transactions beyond their control, especially when no money was withdrawn!

  19. Actually, the government has placed the rules that you can only withdraw from your money market or savings account 6 times per month.  All banks have to follow that rule. 
    HOWEVER, as an employee of Zions, I would have refunded your fees on those $0.00 debits that were beyond your control.  Hopefully you found a good branch that refunded your fees because that is pretty ridiculous to charge you for transactions that never debited anything.

  20. In fairness to the bank, I was not charged for the transactions because I did not exceed six transactions (even with the multiple $0.00 debits).  However, since I had been told twice that the $0.00 debits counted, I avoided making any more withdrawals for the rest of the month.  If it had happened some other time, it might have caused me some grief.

    Other than this issue, I’ve been very pleased with the bank – especially their interest rates.

  21. I have read this board with much fascination. Lot’s of people have mentioned overdraft fees, let’s look at the fact’s, there are lots of ways to keep a track of your balance. A couple of those ways are:

    1) You can call the bank and get it. or
    2) utilize the Free Online Banking.

    I believe there are sufficient tools available to keep track of your balance. But let me ask you this, who’s responsibility is it to keep track of your balance? the banks?

    I do not think so, the best record keeping is your own. I carry around a notebook I purchased for one dollar. When I make a deposit I write it in when I use my debit card, whatever the cost of my purchase I write it in, I always know how much money I have. I guarantee to everyone who does have problems with overdrafts if you do this you WILL pay less fees, if any at all.

    Banks are businesses too, if they can make money they will, they have to, I don’t need to list the recent failed banks. 

    Get used to the fact that if you overdraft your account – WITH ANY BANK THERE WILL BE FEES.

    How about this if the cashier at the store said to you @well sir/madam looks like the bank is going to charge you an overdraft fee if you buy this how great would that be!

    News flash the technology is out there, it’s called a register/ledger and financial and personal responsibility. Lot’s of people have experienced bad service, I will speak as I find Zions bank is full of great people who do great things everyday. Like any business there are good and bad employees. Folks, you know what good service is and you know what bad service is, not just with your bank but anywhere, if you get bad service get the persons name and ask to politely speak with there supervisor/manager explain the situation and escalate appropriately. 

    I quote, from this board, the person who said that one of the toughest things about being a banker is it’s too easy to to blame the bank rather than taking personal responsibility for your own bad decision, that was spending money that was not yours to spend.


  22. 🙁 I am so pissed right now!  We closed our zions checking a year ago, and a few days later paypal charged them as our back up account, for 3 transactions under 20 bucks.  This was partly paypals deal since we had changed over our account the month before.

    Anyway, I closed the account in person, and then they reopened it and bounced these charges, paying them instead of declining them. Now they are taking us to court, and i am in tears right now after speaking with their collection agency.  Yes, they are suing us with fees for over $600 bucks for under 20 bucks in charges, which we offered to pay, but they don’t settle!!

    DO NOT bank with Zions.  I would love to say some bad words, but that would be bad and I wouldn’t go to the right places.

    p.s.  we banked with them for 17 years too.  I am in shock, but i want to fight, but I signed a contract or something….

  23. I worked for Zions Bank for almost 5 years and need to say that they only care if you gave a gazillion dollars in there bank.  They’ll refund $100 in fees to Dr. John Doe in a matter of seconds, but to the middle class family man working 50 hrs a week to put food on the table, you can forget it!  The Murray branch is the worst place ever.  I served to the best of my abilities and was fired because somebody accused me of lying?  No proof at all and five years of service just goes down the drain.  They could give two shi*s about their employees and they truly feel that anybody can be replaced.  They are a joke and don’t expect any help from management at all.  Management changed about a year ago and since then four employees have either quit or been fired for ridiculous reasons.  Credit Unions Rule!  GO AMCU!

  24. i got one better im being sued for two accounts i had back in 03 that have been paid in full

  25. Here’s the campaign:

    You walk into any branch of Zions Bank and say, in a voice loud enough for everyone in the branch to hear, “Zions Bank really is a bunch of fucking slimebags!”

    Spread the word, start doing this whenever convenient, and the pissants at the “top” will start to get the message.

    Let’s do it folks.  It’s for their own good.

  26. I have been a very satisfied customer in Idaho with Zions bank for almost 8 years. They have always waived my nsf fees, always covered my checks and I am a Gold Account Customer with them. I have a secured credit card with them as well. I don’t know what states you people are from, but here in Idaho, They are the NUMBER 1 BANK for me!!!!

  27. I have banked with Zions for 8 years and never once have I had any issues with them.  They have always been very courteous and never messed up anything on any of my accounts.  Everyone on here needs to own up to your own mistakes.  If you spend more money than you have in your account then you can expect a overdraft fee, you will recieve this no matter what bank you are banking with.  They do not rig their online accounts to show you have more money than you have, it is a electronic world and when you make a charge it may not be updated right then. If you dont trust the online then you should keep tabs of what you spend on your own!  I have banked with many other banks, and out of them all Zions has been the most efficient and had the best customer service.  I will bank with Zions for as long as they are around!

  28. You guys that like Zions should stay and love them do as you please.  I too had a Gold account, and I am not even stretching the truth, if I can’t deposit cash prior to noon and expect it not to be in my account the next day, or if I take money from my savings which is already in their bank and expect that to be in my account the next day something is really wrong. I did move out and did they ever sqawk over it, but I am not missing the fees.  My credit Union charges 3 dollars for the same thing they take 25 for, but guess what, I have never had one since going to my credit union, so apparently I really could balance my check book.  I still think they suck.  The only sad thing is ALL the banks suck and sooner or later they will all be bought out by the big one’s that took our hard earned tax dollars like we cared if they stayed in business or not.  The act like it was a privlige for us to pay to keep them in business so they can continue to grow and screw everyone.That is only my opinon, but I am tired of Banks and done with them.

  29. Zions is the WORST company I have ever worked with.  We have an auto loan through them, and today a repo guy shows up at our door to collect our vehicle!  We owed $390, 2 months of car payments!!  The guy said that if I called the bank and made a payment, he wouldn’t have to take the car….well…being a SATURDAY, the loan center was closed!!!!  The guy would not take a check, and now they took the vehicle 150 miles away, will charge us $450 for the tow!!  I will NEVER ever do business with them again, as they are the biggest A-HOLES on the planet!!!  Steer clear of them at ALL costs!!!  If you don’t you WILL be sorry!!

  30. Well that is what I learned, they will do anything to find a way to make your life worse.  If they can tack a charge of any kind on they will, I got out and I am still scared of them, I took them off my pay pal if you read above, the people who got into that mess when Zions paid charges on a pay pal from a closed account then Zions took them to court, that scares me.  Seems like that would cost them more money than it is worth, but why would they even bother to pay from a closed account.  That is truly scary.

  31. It isn’t the dollar amount that is the issue with the bank.  It is the fact that you are no longer an acceptable credit risk because you are not living up to your contractual agreement by making your car payment.  When you took the loan you agreed to make your car payment every month and you also agreed that if you didn’t make the payment, they could have the car.  It is important to take responsibility instead of trying to pin blame on someone else.  You would not give someone off the street free use of your car for 60 days so don’t expect the bank to do it for you.

  32. Hey “me”…did you even read the entire post?  We HAD the money to pay, and they wouldn’t take it.  They showed up on a weekend AFTER hours, and made no effort to be cooperative with us in any way.  I resent the fact that you are insinuating that I am NOT committed to taking care of my finacial responsibilities, when dude….you don’t even know me!  It must be “swell” to be such a perfect person like yourself…I guess the rest of us are just relegated to go through life trying to be like you…perfect in every way….never behind on any payments….and just generally being better than everyone else around.  All I can say, is when you step off that high horse, I’ll be waiting at the bottom with MY fist and your teeth laying on the ground.  Hope you have a good dentist.  Putz!

  33. I worked for Zions for 5 years – a long time ago, so maybe it’s different now.  They are just like any other bank.  Unfortunately, their slogan is just an marketing gimmick – it really means nothing!  They hound the employees to make “sales” and pay about as crappy as any place.  The only people who make any money are the officers who get bonuses based on the number of “sales” made in any given quarter.  So….when you “buy” a product, you’re really subsidizing those bonuses.  They are in business to make money, after all.  If you really want to get value for your money, use a credit union or savings and loan.

  34. Oh no Trevor, don’t hit “Me” for telling you to make your payments!!!

    I can’t believe how many people are so ignorant that they’re complaining about a bank that charges them fees for writing bad checks, or collecting on collateral that has not been paid for according to the promissory note signed.  Seriously people, grow up. I’m not on some high horse but I can admit when I screw up.  Guess what, if you make your payments as YOU promissed you would when you signed the loan note Zions would not want to collect on your car.  They’re not in the auto business, nor the real estate business, nor the collecting business.  They are a bank, with regulations and shareholders that they need to provide a profit for.  I bet you all voted for Obama…

  35. Dude…..seriously?  Seriously?  I’m amazed that you can even work a keyboard…because you actually have to know how to READ in order to use one!!  As I’ve pointed out once before (and I know you are a little slow…so I’ll repeat what’s been said) it’s NOT the fact that the payment is owed…but rather the TACTICS that they use.  “They aren’t in the car business, real estate, collections”……ummmm….yes they are.  If they are financing it, they are in that business.  If they are collecting on a debt…they are in the collections business to some degree.  All I can say….“brother”…is that I believe in Karma, and you have a boatload of it waiting for you.  Just when you need some campassion in your life, you will get none.  Just wait.  It may not be now…a year from now….but it will catch up to you.  And at least I have the balls to use my name.  And no…..I didn’t vote your daddy into the Presidency.

  36. I have good news for all you people.  I have never heard of Zions Bank, that is, until for some unknown reason, they sent me their entire customer email address base listing.  There are thousands of email addresses here.  I am still trying to figure out how they got my email address and why in God’s name they sent it to me.  I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, and certainly am not privy to that info.  Cant you sue them for that?  🙂  Karma!

  37. Zions refunded 200,00 after clearly staing they would refubd 225.00…no biggie that is now just a direct deposit account…when our direct deposits hit we take everything except 50.00 and neatly place it in our new abnk account with US Bank…no more issues…no bounced checks or od fees…zions states use our online banking…but oops sorry you can’t go by the online banking because it is not accurate…ok I am not a rocket scientist but that is pure BS and they know it…They even adnitted that they take larger charges and drop them to the bottom in order to bounce the small stuff….This is seriously an ethical issue and they never argued the point and even agreed with me…ok so they admit they are dishonest scarey…Get out while you can…I tell everyone that comes into my loan company what they did all but 1 has closed their accounts wooooohoooo I will never stop showing my bank stmnt proof to everyone that I meet. I carry it in my purse another dishonest bank might bite the dust

  38. I keep seeing on the news how lawyers are starting to go after some of the banks and stock brokers and such to recover some of the bogus fees and rip offs they charged coustomers.
    I hope some of them try Zions soon.  I stop and wonder how many times did they do this to me and it is countless. 
    The times you put cash in or trasfrered cash from a savings account at their bank to a checking account and get hit with all the charges they can make out of it then of course after the charges you are short and not even aware of it as you put money in to cover your actions.  I think I would be plesantly suprised how much they owe me, and it sure would be nice.  Let us all keep hoping.
    I also have heard a few times they may be on the bad side of things and may be bought out by a bigger bank.  Who knows, me I am just someone who used to be able to balance my check book for years really, then just suddenly one day it seemed I was so stupid I could no longer do it, but know what I have become smarter since I moved all my accounts to the credit union.  Now I am as smart as I used to be.  Kind of Strange don’t you think, or does the Credit Union not use the new math or whatever Zions chalks their takes up to?

  39. Zions has joined the ranks of the BofA, WellsFargos, etc… Unethical bastards… After being there for 10 years with multiple business accounts, 3 different checking accounts, and a couple savings etc, I am jumping ship.  My brother just informed me of a $750 fee he recieved after his mortgage payment caused his account to be overdrawn by 3 dollers.  They stacked up transactions from 15 or so items that he had made for food etc and charged a $25 fee on each.  There is currently a class action lawsuit in the works for such behavior against some of the larger banks.  Bottom line, I am pulling all of my accounts and will make every effort possible to let people know that Zions Bank is run by crooked business men… I am all for making a profit, but not when it involves crooked practices.  I hope Scott Anderson sleeps well at night while other people doing similar practices spend their nights in Federal Prison.  Evil Evil company.. Your money is as safe with Zions as it is with a Vegas Casino dealer. 

  40. I have banked with Zions for over 8 years now.  I have not had any problems. Then again, I don’t write checks that I don’t have money for, swipe my card when the account is already negative, or not make my loan payments.  People, if you have a loan and don’t pay, there are consequences.  It isn’t the banks fault that you aren’t making the payment.  If you spend more money than is in your account, whose fault is it?  The banks?  How?  Take some responsibility.  They state the charges clearly in the agreements when you open the account.  Every bank is the same.  They charge if you spend money you don’t have.

  41. Pete…..I don’t think the issue is owning up to personal responsibility, but rather the method by which Zions conducts their business.  I mean, is it really fair to charge $30 per transaction, then charge that fee every day for countless days when someone’s account was overdrafted by $3.00??  I agree that if you don’t have the money in there, then checks should not be written, but shit happens, and people by their very nature are imperfect.  Dealing with Zions if you DO have an issue is a pure nightmare.  They are rude, nasty people to deal with.  I’ve dealt with a lot of businesses over the years, and Zions is one of the few that STILL leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I have paid my account off in full with them some time ago.  I will never do business with them again, and as you can see by other comments listed above, others feel the same.  I’m just “tickled pink” that you have had such a great experience with them…and I hope that warm and fuzzy relationship continutes….but heaven help you if you should ever find yourself in a bad spot (lost job, stolen identity with racked up charges, etc), because I hontely believe that you will find they are not so accomodating in resolving your issues. 

  42. Trevor Johnson promised to fix a bank error over a week ago.  To this date, it has not been fixed and Zion is overseeing Amegy’s business requiring Amegy to write it off their general ledger.

    Working with zion or amegy will bring you misery just as it has me!  This is my personal belief, and cannot be construed any other way.

  43. Trevor…I accidentally overdrew my Chase account a few months ago.  It was overdrawn by $.19 due to an iTunes transaction.  They charged me $30.00.  But is that Chase’s fault?  In their agreement, it clearly states that if the account is overdrawn, there will be a charge.  In all honesty, yes it is fair.  I know the rules.  I didn’t abide by the rules.  It isn’t Chase’s fault.  I paid the fee and moved on.  Take some personal responsibility.  You overdrew your account, you got charged.  Just like you agreed to when you first opened the account.  Now that this backfired on you, you don’t want to live up to your end of the bargain.

  44. Hey Pete…a.k.a Einstein….you might want to read the posts a little close before your throw in your $.19 cents…..I didn’t have an overdrawn account with Zions.  Soooooo……nothing “backfired” on me there genius.  Here’s wishing you many more happy iTunes transactions!  LOL!

  45. The principle is the same, “genius”.  You didn’t pay on your loan.  What did you expect?  I find it funny how you insult people, because that’s all you have.  You certainly can’t use facts or logic to back up your claims, because both of those work against you.  Again, take responsibility for your own actions, and then you won’t have to worry so much about whining about it.

  46. I’m glad I wasnt the only one pissed off by Pete’s comments.  I was moved to respond.  Hey Peter, are you paying attention?  This is about the bank intentionally, fraudently, criminally manipulating your income and expense transactions to increase their profit margin. 

  47. Yes, I do pay attention.  I check my bank accounts each and every day.  And in my 15 years of banking at several different institutions, credit unions and banks alike, they have never re-ordered my transactions to charge fees to my account.  You can argue all you want and claim that the banks are “intentionally, fraudulently, and criminally” doing things to your account, but until you prove otherwise, there is no reason to believe you.  You just got “pissed” because you didn’t keep track of your account and were charged a fee for it.  Again, take responsibility and quit whining.

  48. No Trevor, a troll is someone who goes around whining and and being a complete pessimist, who always sees the negative and fails to take any responsibility.  Wait, that pretty much sums you up in a nutshell.

  49. Petey…..a “troll” is:  troll
    One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad ho-minim attacks (i.e. ‘you’re nothing but a fanboy’ is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevance to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue.

    So….again….you’re a troll.  🙂

  50. I am totally with Pete on all of this. He is not trolling anyone. He is just telling people to take care of their own finances. I have banked many different places, used many different online banking, Credit cards, checking accounts. I have not had a bad experience anywhere because I manage my finances and keep a little bit extra in the account in cover any of the small mix ups. I know the fees that are out there I know interest rates posted. Do research people, pay attention, make payments on time, and don’t spend money you don’t have. I know this is all difficult things for some to understand, but I promise non of these “unethical” things will happen to you. I am a fan of the credit unions, but know that Zions has a lot of upstanding people in the community and provide a lot to local schools, scholarships, painting projects, junior achievement, united way, and much much more. So it is time for people to own up to their mistakes and move on.

  51. Easy Lieber…you are injecting logic and personal accountability into the situation.  That is frowned upon in this thread.  I mean, why should they have to keep their commitments according to a loan document that they knowingly signed?  Or uphold an account agreement that they willingly entered into?  Here’s the deal people.  If the bank were to miss an interest payment on an interest bearing account, would you you just let it slide?  No.  You wouldn’t.  So don’t expect the same when you don’t make your payments.

  52. I opened a checking account with a debit card which was supposed to not be able to over draw the account . I spent what I thought was in the account & didn’t use it again for about 3 months. I got a call from the local branch that I owed them 600 dollars!! I went to the branch and the nice lady told me “Sometimes our machines break down and let you over draft the account. You had 3 over drafts for a few dollars each. We charge $35 dollars for each O D plus $8 per day for EACH one. They agreed to reduce the charges to $300 … What a screw job !! Never deal with Zions .

  53. uh… you stayed with a bank you apprently hate for over a quarter century… trully its’ the bank’s fault you lost your money right? its the banks fault you dont keep track of your finances so you overdraft. or fall out of line with account policy so you are charged a fee. it’s the banks fault you think the bank is just a babysitter for your money and shouldn’t charge you anything to stay in business. LOL good one EARL

  54. I just closed my account with Zions Bank today. I had an unauthorized withdrawal come through on the tax account associated with my business account. I’ve never once used that account, so I don’t really ever check it. Because it is a tax account, it only ever has a balance of $1.00, just to keep it open. That’s how Zions set it up.

    So, when the unauthorized withdrawal came through, Zions paid it and then started dinging me for daily overdraft fees. I get spam from Zions about offers, concerts, fee-based services, etc. every single day, but they couldn’t be bothered to notify me of the problem with my account, even though, by their own admission, I was signed up to receive such notifications. 4 weeks later, Zions finally calls me on the phone and tells me about the problem, after they had racked up hundreds of dollars in fees.

    When I explained the situation to them, and pointed out that they never notified me, and that the other entity admitted the charge was a mistake, they magnanimously refunded all but $75 of their fees. Zions Bank are nothing more than thieves and I refuse to do business with them again. I recommend you close your account and go elsewhere if you are currently with them. There are plenty of other banks and credit unions out there that are not incompetent, time-wasting, can’t-do-attitude-riddled thieves.

  55. I have seen now the past few years Zions bank has really gone down hill it when it comes to remembering who keeps them in business. Just a few years ago 7 to 7 banking was a great part of Zions Bank. Just after I closed or before I opened for the day I could take care of my banking needs. Not any more! Open at 9 or 10 and close at 5 or 6 my branch is not even open at all (not even drive thru on Saturdays. This was the first big disappointment for me. Than as part of the down fall of Zions Bank in my mind is the roll out of service fees hikes up to 33% in one year. I had a business loan with Zions for 7 years and last month I asked for a payoff so I could pay the loan off. It took 19 phone calls and 11 faxes and emails over an 8 day period for Zions Bank to get the pay off. I was blown away! I feel like I have been perfectly honest in my banking relationship with Zions just a few years ago I wrote a check for $5000 it went through my account but banking error only pulled out $325 for that $5000 check. I caught it 3 months later and immediately went in to this Orem branch and showed Brad what had happened and had him take the correct amount from my account. I don’t feel like it’s heroic to be honest just business as usually and I expect honesty in return. The end of Zions bank in my business came yesterday when for the first time in 7 years I had a 4 fees pop up on my account, I called to dispute 1 out of 4 charges on my account, and Rex a Manger brushed me off like a pest because he, like Zions Bank has forgotten how the customer used to matter. Closing my 3 Checking Accounts and visa account and will never bank there again!

  56. I am so sick of zions bank. I am closing my account. I have tried to change my name four times with them and they have yet to fix it on my credit card. I also couldn’t deposite a check online because their app wasn’t recognizing it- I took it into a branch and they kept me there for twenty minutes to make sure I wasn’t trying to scam them. Now, my online banking says my password is incorrect- I’ve confirmed with three different sources that it’s correct. Worst bank around!

  57. I just paid off 500 something on my credit card, and a few day after I used it for 15 dollars stuff. At regular bank if I had made a payment, the next charge is going to next cycle. However, Zions doesn’t do that. I was charged 15 late fee for that extra 15 dollars, and I tried to talk to the customer rep. about it doesn’t make sense that I already paid 500 or more to payoff my card and left 15 dollars on purpose, your systems need to update because how can you give less than 30 days to pay off your new charge after the previous payment? Guess what? Yeah because I just open less than 6 months, so there is no refund. Seriously? If you treat your new customer like this, who is going to be the loyal customer with your freaking bank. I have 6 different bank (CIti, WellsFargo,HSBC, Chase, BOA and this horrible Zions), Zions is the worse bank ever, I hope they are gone from the market.

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