Reflecting upon a wonderful man — the late Paul Simon

It was with great sadness that I read about the death of Senator Paul Simon. Though always a fan of his thoughtful politics and respectful demeanor, I particularly have fond memories of the time I met him in person one chance evening. I was on a Northwestern University dorm-sponsored scavenger hunt back in the early… Continue reading Reflecting upon a wonderful man — the late Paul Simon

The benefits (?) of e-voting

Nowadays, I see with increasing frequency stories about e-voting — voting for regional or national elections via the Internet. The worries about fraud are stated clearly, emphatically, and meaningfully. But where are the corresponding benefits? Quicker tabulation? Perhaps. And I guess that’s considered important with today’s MTV’d-attention-span folks. Cost savings? After all the anti-hacking, equipment… Continue reading The benefits (?) of e-voting

Senator Hatch favors "booby traps" of all sorts

It’s been noted pretty widely that U.S. Senator Orin Hatch recently suggested that copyright holders should have the right to implement booby traps to literally destroy the computers of those who illegally download MP3s. Now it appears as though Senator Hatch has endorsed “booby traps” of a different sort. Up until a day or two… Continue reading Senator Hatch favors "booby traps" of all sorts

I am a Bad American, too

I am a Bad AmericanBy Adam Lasnik — response to the reactionary essay cited at I look forward to the day when the Peace Corp offers pay and benefits equal to the military. I have a problem with our government arresting people and detaining them without charges for months on end. Isn’t that… Continue reading I am a Bad American, too

Okay, now I’m not speechless, just depressed

Though unemployed, I have a good family, fine friends, decent health, admirable smarts, four degrees, and a roof over my head. But I’ve been so depressed the last couple of days that I’ve barely gotten anything done. Instead of dancing and job searching, I’ve been sleeping, reading news and commentary online, and thinking about moving… Continue reading Okay, now I’m not speechless, just depressed

Hey Baby, how about a Freedom Kiss?

In yet another mature and useful move, our charming CongressMorons have decided to rename various “French” foods in their mess hall to the delightfully-patriotic “Freedom Fries” and “Freedom Toast.” I’m just now imagining the ultimate irony: Ashcroft standing on a table and shouting, “Let them eat Freedom Cake!” Ugh.