Check out this outstanding microloan site! (and join me in supporting a library in Kenya)

I’m usually a firm believer that charity—like praying—is best a private affair.  In particular, I have an especially high admiration for generous folks who give anonymously.

With that said, however, I’m going to share with you a business that I just helped fund… and I hope you will join in!

UPDATE: I’m thrilled to note that within 24 hours after I posted the original business profile here, that business was fully funded!  See the comments on this entry for more details.  The profile now shown below is selected randomly (on each page view) by Kiva.

After evaluating many possible businesses / business people to invest in, I decided to support Ms. Wamaitha in Kenya in her drive to expand her current library and continue her support work fighting HIV/AIDS.  You can learn more about her and her efforts by clicking the photo above, and in the meantime, here’s a relevant snippet:

She is requesting a loan of US $ 2,000. Her budget is: US $ 1,000 to purchase assorted education books, journals and magazines, US $500 to purchase furniture for the reading space, US $ 300 to decorate the library and build shelves and US $ 200 advertise and acquire necessary license. This will increase her income to an average of US $ 100 per week. She plans to utilize the income to keep her children in school and to expand her business further. Jane is hard working and will be able to repay the loan.

You can make a loan for as little as $25… and in about 2 minutes via credit card (it’s done through PayPal, but you don’t need an account with them, just a credit card).  It’s also interesting to note that 100% of loans made through Kiva so far have been repaid in full!

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Unlike with my most recent post, I’m not going to tag anyone.  But I think it’d be a marvelous meme—SEO-blog or otherwise—having this opportunity propagated throughout the blogosphere.  So feel free to reverse-tag me and support Ms. Wamaitha or another worthy businessperson from Kiva, post about your contribution on your blog, and encourage others to do the same.  Let’s see if we can meet her modest business loan need by the end of this year, and—even better—see how many other businesses we can support :-D.

Lastly, props to my friend Huy (yes, the awesome Huy of Orkut fame :-P) for letting me know about this wonderful site.






7 responses to “Check out this outstanding microloan site! (and join me in supporting a library in Kenya)”

  1. Adam Avatar

    That is awesome!

    Well, now that Jane’s loan needs have been met, I hope other readers will select other worthy folks on and spread the word.

    Still smiling… what a great accomplishment to see on a Monday, Joe; thanks again for joining in and for posting the note!

  2. Adam Avatar

    You have a good point, Joe.

    So I guess I should clarify:  I’m turned off by “loud and proud” charity and praying… where it seems designed to cater to one’s needs for personal attention or validation, or—equally offensively—intended to pressure others to donate when may have neither the sincere interest or means to do so.

    In contrast, though, as we’ve seen here and in other examples… when making a charity drive public can bring attention to important giving opportunities and provide friendly encouragement for joining in (moreso than attention to the giver), then that is pretty darn cool.

    So yes, your point is well-taken.

  3. Adam Avatar

    Heh!  Nah, man, you were doing it also for all the right reasons? to raise awareness and encourage others to help fund a worthy cause.

    The icky sort of promotion is where people conspicuously brag to friends and colleagues about their ?sizeable donation to [x].?

    When promoting a charity?even by noting one?s donation?is done with a sincere interest to help that charity rather than improve one?s own image?it?s all good.  And I know you?re all about the former 🙂

    [reminder to self:  do not post when logged in on a test account :p]

  4. constant traveler Avatar

    Adam, thank you for posting about this. The importance of microloans is enormous, and it is very nice for you to spotlight this site.

    I hope that anyone with a popular website or voice uses it occasionally to let people know about sites of value.

    If you are a webmaster there are alot of neat ways to help just about anything you care about. is a site I like to mention.

  5. Jose Avatar

    Privacy should be maintained while donating or making any charity work.

  6. Boyd J Avatar

    Microloans like these are perfect for both starting a business AND keeping the business running. Although, I do suggest you buy business insurance before taking out a lot of loans.

  7. jonwilson Avatar

    Budding entrepreneurs should definitely consider these microloans in putting a new business up. Careful planning of finances should be observed to make sure the loans are affordable.

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