Blippet: [Video] Avenue Q + Fiddler on the Roof — oy vey, so gay!

Love Avenue Q?  Appreciate Jewish humor?
Watch what happens when the cast of Avenue Q mashes up with the cast of Fiddler on the Roof!

P.S.—I’d like to hat-tip a fellow blogger, but I can’t remember exactly where I first saw this (I just re-found it via a YouTube search).  Much apologies.  Next time, I’ll be more careful about blogtribution.



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3 responses to “Blippet: [Video] Avenue Q + Fiddler on the Roof — oy vey, so gay!”

  1. Marcia Avatar

    Jewish humor:

    Question: When does life begin?
    Catholic mother: At the time of birth.
    Protestant mother: At the time of conception.
    Jewish mother: When it gets its medical degree.

  2. James Avatar

    Hey Marcia,
    It’s not based on which religion you believe.
    It’s every thing on you whether your are having manners or not which shows your humor.
    Next time be careful on your comments.

  3. Online Shopping Avatar

    Oh, James, you really figured out that very good point, well we can not stop what people is believing and what they are writing, whatever she does shows how much bad character at Marcia is.

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