Customer disservice

I’ve been seeing more and more companies bragging about their refund policy: “No Questions Asked.”

Well, how dumb is that! Personally, I’d like to think that when I decide to cancel a service or return a product, the company actually gives a damn about what I think and is intent upon either addressing my concern personally and/or fixing their product.

How about “No Hassle Cancellations” or “No Hassle Returns”? Now that’s a promise I’d appreciate!


  1. Amen to your note about Customer Disservice…it’s all over the place, and these huge megacompanies have no clue how destructive it really is. Just wanted to say that I co-authored and published a book called “Service this: Winning the war against Customer Disservice.” It’s all about how frustrated consumers can fight bad customer service and get the respect, attention, and service they deserve (even if it means contacting the head of the corporation to do so). The details about the book and the fight against customer disservice are at Thanks for the rant…good stuff!

    Adam Bailine

  2. Nice point you have raised.
    Let me tell you Customer will not satisfy 100%.
    What i believe that the fault is always of customers rather than companies,
    because at the time when they are buying a particular thing, they don’t care about terms and conditions and companies policies.

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