Would you like that rare or medium-well?

I had the pleasure of attending a special barbeque edition of our local community’s “Lindy in the Park” event, where everyone was invited to bring something for the grill or something to drink.

Of course, there was the usual stuff… hot dogs, veggie burgers, bottles of Coke, and so on.

And then there was something a little different: A box of cake mix. Yes, the sort where you have to add egg and oil and so on. Cake mix. For a BBQ party. I’m trying to fathom the thought processes that took place with the person who brought that particular item. “Damn, no hamburger meat in the fridge… nothing in the freezer… too lazy to make a quick stop at the store… ah ha… here’s some 2-year-old lemon cake mix in the cupboard. That’ll be perfect!”

Strange. Really strange. Or perhaps just some goofiness from someone with a rather wacky sense of humor 😀



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3 responses to “Would you like that rare or medium-well?”

  1. James D Avatar

    Did the offender happen to bring eggs and oil as well? Because that’s usually not the kind of stuff that’s just hanging around at a bbq…

    Either way, it still sounds like something I would do.

  2. kay Avatar


  3. kay Avatar


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