Feed Fabulosity (Atom, RSS, Full, Summary… oh boy!)

I’m at least temporarily offering both summary full feeds via FeedBurner… which delivers Atom, RSS, whatever your newsreader likes :-). Just look on over at the lefthand-side of any BLADAM page for the links.

Since I do like people to actually visit my site, however (for both selfish and unselfish reasons) I’m debating on whether to keep the full feed or perhaps just run with the summary feed in a bit.

If you have any strong opinions — heck, ANY opinions (:cough: comment whore :cough:) — please speak below or forever hold your peace.

Or is it piece. I never did figure that out…

Argh. Blasted late night foggy ramblings 😉



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2 responses to “Feed Fabulosity (Atom, RSS, Full, Summary… oh boy!)”

  1. Nathan Weinberg Avatar

    I like full content feeds.  I think unless you are trying to make money off your blog, and even if you are, there are still huge advantages to full content feeds, mainly in that more people will be reading you.  I’d rather have more readers, even if not all of them visited te site, than less readers who had to visit it.  Rest assured, switching to summaries will cost you at least a few readers.

  2. Adam Avatar

    Okay, I’ve made a compromise:
    – Summary feed in autodiscovery
    – Both summary and full feeds advertised prominently on the top left of every page of my blog

    Hope that keeps everyone happy and hope people still visit my site on occasion!

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