Forbidden phrases (e.g., no more Web x.0, dammit!)

Hear ye, hear ye!  From now on, the use of the following phrases is to be discouraged, if not downright forbidden:

  • Attention metadata.  Attention anything for that matter, unless it’s used in a non-technical phrase such as “Put down the crackberry and pay attention to the real world for a sec, dammit!”
  • Web 3.0.  Web 4.0.  Web anything.0, for crying out loud.  See my comments on Web 2.0 and Web 4.0 for more information on this ridiculous fad.  Note:  Web 2.d’oh! is okay.  For now.
  • Relationship economy.  I just saw this one today.  Grrr!  Note:  Okay if used to refer jokingly to prostitution.  For now.

I’m sure there are others, but I’m getting nauseous just mulling over the above trite phrases.  And yes, I realize that it’s a sadly losing battle to do away with Web 2.0.

So… what empty, cliched, uber-annoying geek-phrases drive you nuts?






7 responses to “Forbidden phrases (e.g., no more Web x.0, dammit!)”

  1. Hawaii SEO Avatar

    I hate the word ?Solution?

    People always want to sell me some sort of program, device, product or service and that?s great, but they almost always refer to it as ?The Solution?.

    ?Our web based solution??
    It?s not a freaking ?Solution? to anything. It?s a subscription to a website!

    Our content management solution can?
    It?s a content management ?System?! 

    Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
    Is this the same thing as a programmer or web developer?

    ?Intel? Solution Services is Intel Corporation’s worldwide professional services organization?
    Why not just call it ?Intel Professional Services??

  2. Sebastian Avatar

    “ban” and “penalty” as lame excuse for poor performing “monetized” crap.

  3. Rob O. Avatar

    Definitely tired of hearing “Low-hanging fruit.”

  4. sparrow Avatar

    Definitely opportunitiy, especially when used in an otherwise complete German sentence. Opportunities are just so overrated.

    Also: cookie cutter solution – when I stopped thinking pastry and realized what it was supposed to mean.

  5. Adam Avatar

    You know… I think there’s definitely a proactive and monetizable opportunity for non-cookie-cutter solutions here!  I mean, this could be a shot across the bow… urging us to have fun with thinking outside the box!

    So, FYI, I’ll expect those TPS memos by EOD tomorrow. TTYL!

  6. Mike Avatar

    How about Genre, and LOL, when you can’t think of anything else to say. GRRRRR

  7. Meow Avatar

    I’m sick of hearing “sorry for the inconvenience”. Lame! They don’t mean it when they say sorry. Just put nothing there! Grr! Makes me want to scream!

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