Girlfriend 4.0

Using GirlFriend 4.0’s “Indexes” you can calculate out the average cost per date, how well she performs compared to other girls, and how her stats stack up, so that you can determine whether or not she’s worth it.

Can’t keep track of your chicks? Well, then, the Girlfriend 4.0 software is clearly for you.

This software is apparently neither a parody nor a joke… or at least it’s intended to be serious.

It does raise a few questions:
– Would (or do?!) guys actually pay for something this?
– Would women (or gay men) pay for a related “Stud 4.0” software package?
– If the program offers ready-made e-mails (“Honey, you’re more beautiful than an Irish rose in bloom…”)… can you imagine the fury unleashed when a girl starts to notice the, uh, cyrano de bergerac’ness of the situation?

From a serious perspective, I’m not quite sure what to say. Clearly there have always been Players playing; this program merely facilitates and organizes such behavior. And frankly, even I geekily e-record birthdays, likes, dislikes and other personal tidbits of people I meet.

But eegads, this software still just wreaks of slime to me.







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