Google’s new browser, Chrome, and Google Bookmarks

Have you tried Google’s new browser, “Chrome”?  It’s fast and it rocks.  But there’s no Google Toolbar!  How can you bookmark pages to a central location (Google Bookmarks)?  Here’s how, in just a few quick and easy steps :-D.

  1. First, download Chrome (duh!) :-D.
  2. If you don’t already see a bookmarks bar (right below the address bar or “omnibar” and above the actual web page) turn it on by hitting CTRL-B (you can hide it anytime by hitting CTRL-B again).
  3. Visit this help page on Google Chrome and bookmarking.
  4. Go ahead and—you guessed it—drag that little box to the bookmarks area of Chrome.

VOILA!  Now whenever you want to bookmark a page, just click on that little bookmark.

*  *  *

But what happens when you want to find that page again?

Well, for one thing, Chrome’s omnibar is pretty damn smart… even smarter than you might initially expect!  Try typing just a few letters from that site’s URL or title and it may very well show up for you in the omnibar :-D. But if you still want to see all your bookmarks, you can do one of two things:

  • Revisit Google Bookmarks OR
  • Check out the cooler experience of Google Notebook, and you’ll find all your bookmarks under the UNFILED folder (click on the left), where you can annotate, group, and optionally share your favorite bookmarks with friends.

* * *

Hope these tips help you enjoy Chrome even more!

* * *

EDITED on Wednesday, September 3 to add:
Thank you to Simon B for the improved link to the bookmarklet! 😀



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24 responses to “Google’s new browser, Chrome, and Google Bookmarks”

  1. Andy Davies Avatar

    It’s a work around for adding bookmarks but it still doesn’t really allow me an easy way to access them – with google toolbar they are just there on the drop-down

  2. Bobtron2000 Avatar

    Nice workaround, but what I don’t get is.. why didn’t they allow google-bookmarks to be used as default in the browser-bookmarks?
    It is a google browser after all 🙂

  3. Atif Avatar

    Doeas anyone know where in the computer C:/ does the google chrome bookmarks reside?

  4. Simon B. Avatar
    Simon B.

    Didn’t work for me (two non-english google bookmarks sites tried). Instead I found the correct bookmarklet in the help pages for Chrome:

  5. Adam Avatar

    Andy, Bobtron, I like and use Google Bookmarks, too, so I was admittedly bummed when this first version of Chrome didn’t ship with built-in Google Bookmarks support.  But I also understand (from the team) that this would have been non-trivial to implement, and I’m glad they focused on speed and stability instead.

    Atif, sorry, not sure… you may want to ask that in the Chrome Support Group.

    And Simon, thanks for the update.  Noted!

  6. Shirley Avatar

    Hi I downloaded Google chrome and maybe play with it for awhile. I am not use to its opera like features and I see it too empty. I am use to using Google toolbar with Firefox. Amazing why they didn’t put their toolbar at their very own Google Chrome.

  7. John Avatar

    Chrome is an excellent browser, thanks for giving tips for bookmark, I hope it will becoming better and better as days goes. If G Chrome Supports all addons which FF3 does than it will be the best browser on the web to surf web.

  8. Mark Avatar

    Ironically, this blog page will not render in Chrome.

  9. Adam Avatar

    Yes, that is ironic and regretful and embarrassing!

    It used to render fine; something changed either with a Chrome version push and/or something with my Web host / files on my host’s webserver to render this blog an absolute mess.  Sadly, I’m booked this weekend (festival) and the next two weeks (travel in Mexico and Brazil), so it may take more than a month to get this fixed.  Tempting to go to just an all-text template in the meantime, though 😀

  10. Eric Paul Avatar

    @Adam : I think, People loves quality of Google and google will improve many things for their quality users of Chrome so we are also waiting for SEO Plugins and Google tool bar updation in Chrome.

    Hopefully, Google will sort out these work soonest.


  11. Angelinalove Avatar

    Google try to improve day by day. With the launch of chrome google become a major competent of Microsoft.

  12. Manir Avatar

    It’s a great browser – but I still prefered Mozilla 🙂

  13. KeeKee Avatar

    I like Mozilla better but this is better than Microsoft IE.  I just got used to Mozilla and maybe after I get more used to Chrome, I’ll like it better, who knows?  You know how it is, we are creatures of habit after all.  Thanks for the info.


  14. Haiming Avatar

    I haven’t tried Chrome browser yet, but prefer to wait until the official version release.

  15. Caro Avatar

    Yes.. It’s a great work by Google

  16. Riman Avatar

    I just love this browser :-))

  17. Adventure Art Travel Avatar

    Like most new products, I object to being used as a guinea pig to test it.  However to be fair it is free. But do we really need another browser. Firefox works well enough for me.

  18. ST/op Avatar

    I found another (better) workaround for Google bookmarks there:
    It opens the Google Bookmarks page in a pop window.

  19. Mr.Anderson Avatar

    Google chrome is so much faster then Mozilla and I’m not even going to start up IE. I really like the google bookmarks so I am dissapointed there’s no such build in option. The two workarounds of Adam are a bit too round about. Though it’s not perfect ST/op’s workaround is, for now, good enough. Props ST/op :-). Of course I had already found the button to add pages to your google bookmarks.

  20. Ahmed Ghd Avatar

    I am afraid my glass is half empty regarding chrome.

    I liked the fact that G sponsor FF and worry that this development will threaten that. Also, I am cynical as to G’s motives on this and wonder what plugins may be added at a later date… browser based contextual advertising perhaps?

  21. Dave Avatar

    I downloaded and used Chrome for a little while. It was pretty cool, but I gradually made my way back to
    Firefox. I think Firefox is the best browser by far. We will see what happens though, I might make my way back to Chrome someday.

  22. first page google Avatar

    Interesting?so, I?m assuming it would work for any web site. For example I have a successful work at home business online, if I apply the same principal it will work for my site as well?

  23. MetaEd Avatar

    Add Google Bookmarks to the list of Chrome search engines and you can then conveniently call up bookmarks in the address bar. When I want one of my Google Bookmarks, I type gb ” Enter, and click the bookmark I was looking for. Examples and step by step directions for setting this up here.

  24. Adam Avatar

    Well, Chrome is now out of beta and in version 2.0.  If you haven’t tried it or tried it recently, do give it a try :-D.

    And re: plugins and extensions… I know those are on the roadmap.  As a formerly avid firefox fan using lots of add-ons, I thought I’d really die switching to Chrome, but surprisingly, I’ve barely missed the add-ons at all.  The increase in speed and stability has been a huge net win for me 😀

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