Hard technical support

In a usergroup dedicated to troubleshooting of a particular software app, one frustrated user posted a note titled, “Can’t get it up on a Mac!”

The immediate reply, I felt, was on target and priceless:

“Red wine and a Barry White album might do the trick.”







3 responses to “Hard technical support”

  1. Alison Avatar

    Hey – did you see that up there? I submitted the Barry White comment but erased it 10 minutes later.

    I had seen the “Can’t Get it up on a Mac” subject for days and the temptation became so great I finally broke down and posted the Red wineBarry White reply today. Ten minutes later I panicked and erased the comment. I am a newbie and don’t want start a flame war before my one month anniversary.

    What I couldn’t believe was that nobody had posted the remark earlier.

  2. Adam Avatar

    Well, Alison, I wasn’t going to ‘out you’ but here you are, all on your own 😀

    And while I understand your concern a bit, I’m pretty sure that most folks would have been as entertained (and non-offended) as I was.

  3. Aaron Avatar

    You can add me to the entertained category, I thank both of you.

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