Here’s why Lieberman (thankfully) lost

Lieberman and those close to him have defiantly insisted that it’s his support for the Iraq war that sunk his candidacy.

No, Joe, you lost because you’re a sanctimonious twit, and little better than the holier-than-thou and hypocritical Christian Conservatives that tut-tut at regular folk.

I still remember my disgust when the first words out of your mouth after Saddam’s capture were berating your Democratic opponents instead of simply voicing hope and support for Iraq’s people. I remember how you crusaded against ‘filthy’ entertainment instead of spending your time discussing core issues that lead to poverty and hopelessness. And I remember, too, how you so frequently invoked the concept of Faith and God instead of offering thoughtful and viable solutions to our earthly problems.

Joe, I’m happy to see you go. Good riddance.







2 responses to “Here’s why Lieberman (thankfully) lost”

  1. Carol Avatar

    I thought Joe Lieberman was creepy….looked like the kind of guy you’d see in the Washington Post under “Local Man Convicted on Child Pornography Charges”.  Really.  Creepy people shouldn’t run for public office.

  2. Tywon Avatar

    I could not agree more, but I do rather miss Joe.
    He always gave me something to laugh about, like the way his cheeks sometimes flap when talking. 🙂

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